Plant life inside your motorhome!

We know that having a plant inside your home can bring lots of benefits.  They can reduce the levels of carbon dioxide, reduce airborn pollutants, keep the temperature down and have been proven to improve general well being. So why not bring those wonderful benefits into  your Motorhome. Comfort Insurance have created this handy guide Read more

A-ha! Alan Partridge’s Top 10 Motoring Moments

Everyone’s favourite son of Norwich: Alan Partridge, returns to our screens on the 16th February in Mid Morning Matters Series 2. In celebration of his triumphant – albeit wrought with gaffes – return to our screens, we countdown his top 10 motoring moments. 10. The petrol station For most of us, a trip to the petrol station doesn’t Read more

A Guide to Winter Car Checks

The winter weather can be unpredictable, with hazardous conditions such as snow, icy roads, high winds, fog, heavy rain, hail and flooding all possibilities. If you’re going to be driving a long distance to see friends or relatives this Christmas, here are some useful tips for taking care of your car. Clean your car  Clean Read more

Friday-Ad’s Motors Around the World

On Friday-Ad we boast all kinds of incredible cars from across the globe for sale, from people carriers to sporty whips, there really isn’t a stone left unturned. We’ve managed to select our favourite few from each corner of the planet and everything in between. Take a look below… Kicking things off we land in industrious Read more

Top 10 | Quirky Caravans

Camping is becoming a more viable way to explore Great British outdoors, whilst at the same time getting some time away from the house. With there being a rise in caravanning and motorhoming it has also seen an increase in quirky caravans taking to the road. Here at Friday-Ad Motors, we like people who think outside Read more

Buyer’s Guide to Second Hand Cars

Everybody knows that buying a second hand car can be a stressful situation to find yourself in. There are so many aspects that you must consider before making a purchase. Do I want a 4×4? What litre engine do I need? What’s a good price for what I want? These are just some of the Read more

What to Buy? – Family Convertibles Under £10K

It may seem strange to talk about convertible cars as the summer draws to a close but if you are seriously considering a drop top family drive then now is a brilliant time to source your dream car. Many dealers and private owners will be keener to do a deal this time of year making Read more

Most Expensive Cars For Sale on Friday-Ad Motors

If you’re looking to buy or sell your car, van or motorbike, you should know by now that Friday-Ad Motors is the only place to go. With over 63,000 motors online you’re sure to find something that catches your eye, and with over 350,000 visitors to the website each month our users are active and Read more

Car Repair Fails

Have you ever thought about fixing your car yourself but don’t think you’re qualified to give it a go? Well you needn’t worry, as these car repair fails should put your mind somewhat at ease. Here at Friday-Ad we have created our favourite selection of people’s failed attempts to fix their motors. Are these ingenuous Read more

Claim your FREE MOT celebrating our exclusive partnership with 1st CENTRAL

Friday-Ad has launched an exciting new partnership with 1st CENTRAL, one of the top 10 most popular car insurance brands on UK-based price comparison websites. Paul Scrivens, Partnership Director for the Friday Media Group, said: “Friday Motors lists over 50,000 vehicles for sale every day and attracts over 2 million visits to its site each Read more