Pompoko Brighton

The front of Pompoko Brighton, as if standing outside, next to the restaurantWelcome to the Friday-Ad restaurant review series! If there’s a restaurant, pub or café you want us to review, let us know in the comments. Today, we’re featuring one of our absolute favourite places to eat; the Japanese restaurant, Pompoko Brighton.


The Brighton Dome exterior from Church StreetConveniently located in the heart of the city, this venue is perfect for any evening plans. With a variety of pubs nearby, as well as plenty of options for entertainment like the Dome and Theatre Royal just a stone’s throw away, you’re almost spoilt for choice. Whether you’re going out or heading home after, this spot is easily accessible by bus or a short walk from Brighton station.


A room with pale walls, wooden floor, with wooden chairs, white tables, and a bay window on the far wallExperience quick service and a variety of seating options at this establishment. With no booking system in place, it operates on a first come first served basis. Don’t let this put you off! Although it can become busy, the food is delivered promptly due to the excellent service, ensuring a fast turnover and almost guaranteeing you a seat. You can choose from three seating areas (as you can see from the photos) – outside, downstairs, or upstairs. I often opt for the relaxed atmosphere of the upstairs space or enjoy outdoor dining when weather permits. Outdoor seating consisting of wooden garden chairs and tables, on grey pavement, outside the black storefront

Wherever you choose to sit, the food and drink will satisfy no matter your taste. They offer a range of traditional Japanese starters including edamame beans, gyoza dumplings, and yakitori (skewered chicken in teriyaki sauce). Turning to their main dishes, they offer a selection of Japanese curry dishes with A close up shot of the Pompoko Brighton Menu with various pictures and titles of dishesrice, donburi dishes (rice bowl dishes), yakisoba (stir-fried rice) dishes, yakimeshi (stir-fried noodle) dishes, and salad bowls. Even with a diverse menu to choose from, I often find myself sticking to my favourite dishes to eat, like the Chicken Nanban Don (a sweet and sour fried chicken dish) or the Special Mixed Noodles (stir fried noodles with fried chicken, beef, and prawns) due to their delicious flavours. However, this time I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something new.


A bowl containing beef, rice, bell peppers, onion, with a bowl each side, one containing tempura fried prawns, and the other containing edimame beans. Chopsticks along the bottom of the tray that the bowls sit on.This time, I went for the Beef Youga Shaki Don; a flavorful beef dish marinated with honey, ginger, and soy sauce. The beef was delicious and was accompanied by some sticky white rice and green bell peppers. Honestly, I could have gone for another bowl. On the side, I had tempura prawns and edamame beans. The tempura prawns were great. The tempura batter was nice and crisp, with a decent amount of prawn in there. They were very satisfying and an excellent addition to the meal. The edamame beans were fresh and prepared simply but effectively.


I had an amazing time at Pompoko, as I always do. The food was both delicious, high quality, and affordable, with the menu being a far cry from the majority of Japanese cuisine you can find in Brighton; a fantastic choice for either a full meal or lighter bite. What’s more, the staff, while usually very busy, are friendly and accommodating and the whole restaurant couldn’t be less interested in frills and fancy. These are just some of the reasons why Pompoko is the first place I take people who have never been to Brighton before and I would recommend a visit, to anyone coming to Brighton or even those who have lived here for decades. (Just remember that you need to pay with cash!)