Step into the world of yoga and fitness – your ticket to a healthier lifestyle and a sharper mind. We get it, finding time for exercise can be tough. But fear not, because Sussex is bursting with fabulous yoga and fitness studios that will cater to all abilities and help you to find that inner peace.

Whether you want to stay fit, destress, meet new people, or simply fill out your schedule we’ve got you covered. Join us as we dive into the hottest studios around Sussex, showcasing their amazing classes and training programmes. And hey, we’ve even got some inspiring testimonials and success stories to share along the way. So, if you’re ready for a yoga class, let’s get moving!

Hotpod Yoga

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People performing yoga at HotPod Studio Hove, SussexLet’s start with one of the most popular yoga studios in Sussex – Hotpod Yoga. This studio offers a unique approach to traditional yoga classes by providing a hot, inflatable pod that creates a warm welcoming and safe space. The hot temperature promotes increased flexibility, calorie burn and detoxification. Classes range from gentle and restorative yoga to dynamic vinyasa flow, all set to vibrant music and held in 37°C.


Numerous customers report experiencing physical and mental benefits from regularly attending classes, including reduced stress levels and improved sleep. Additionally, Hotpod Yoga offers packages that fit any budget, with the first yoga class being completely free of charge.

Body Happy Studio

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A man is using a rowing machine while his trainer encourages himFor those of you who enjoy a more traditional approach to fitness, the Body Happy Studio in Brighton might be the perfect match. They offer Pilates, barre, and yoga classes with a focus on improving your posture, balance, and core strength. Classes are held in a beautiful, calming studio that promotes a peaceful environment and is conducive to your mind-body connection and general relaxation.


Reviews of the studio are consistently positive, with customers praising the experienced instructors and the friendly atmosphere.

Studio iO

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Six women facing away from the point of views sitting in the lotus position on yoga matsNext up we have Studio iO in Brighton. As their website states, they offer “movement classes for people that don’t do fitness”. Their classes range from beach yoga to contemporary dance, and they prioritize inclusivity and creativity in their classes.


Their clientele reports feeling liberated and challenged in their yoga classes, and Studio iO is praised for being an innovative and original studio that offers something for everyone.

Aurora Yoga

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Beth, from Aurora Yoga with Beth, laying on a Yoga matMeet Beth, the Dru Yoga guru of Brighton since 2011. Her workshops are all about body and movement, empowering folks to enhance their own grooves with their own tools. While she may head up the Yoga & class coordination at Pro-Fitness Hove, she’s also the zen queen of Platf9rm Hove. Whether you prefer in-person or virtual yoga classes, Beth’s got you covered in her yoga practice. Don’t be shy to drop her a message for any inquiries. She’s always ready to help her whole class find their flow!


Beth’s clients report an immeasurable increase in their suppleness and balance, as well as an appreciation for sessions tailored to suit each individual that boost well being.

Final Thoughts

A woman sitting cross-legged on a beam of the wreckage of west pier on Brighton beachSussex residents are spoiled for choice when it comes to yoga and fitness studios. Whether you prefer hot yoga, traditional practices, or innovative workout routines, there is surely a studio that caters to your needs. By dedicating some time to physical activity, you will improve not only your physical strength but also your mental and emotional wellbeing.

We hope this article has encouraged you to explore your local fitness studios, socialize, and achieve your wellness goals. Remember, a healthy body translates to a healthy mind, which is essential for a happy life!

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