On Friday-Ad we boast all kinds of incredible cars from across the globe for sale, from people carriers to sporty whips, there really isn’t a stone left unturned. We’ve managed to select our favourite few from each corner of the planet and everything in between.

Take a look below…
GERKicking things off we land in industrious Germany, on Friday-Ad we have many German motors, here are two of our favourite makes.


audi use

The iconic 4 ringed symbol that makes up the famous Audi logo that originated from Chemnitz, Germany. It has since become one of the most acclaimed motors in the world! Probably due to its incredible sleek look that is desirable to all ages, luxurious interior designs and a variety of powerful engines. Audis are incredibly technologically advanced machines, expect all the latest gadgets and sat nav options upon purchase. Not to mention the German efficiency we come to expect from anything ever produced in this hard working nation, Audis tick all of our boxes.


Mercedes Benz

new marc

Class personified. You certainly won’t look out of place at an A list event in a Mercedes Benz. Another German edition, Mercedes are top of the class in comfort, safety and driver assistance so expect nothing less than a solid, reliable motor, with the power to get you from A to B in flash. Arguably the stand out motor for luxury saloons that the likes of BMW, Lexus, Cadillac and even Jaguar aim to define themselves against, the Mercedes is currently a cut above the rest if you’re looking for that smooth, stylish saloon.



USAA quick trip across the Atlantic Ocean and we arrive in the land of opportunity, expect some meaty cars with some serious pace.



The world’s 5th largest automaker, Ford has an illustrious history. Founded by Henry Ford in 1903, they went on to become one of the most profitable companies in the world, this doesn’t happen without creating a great product. The Ford Mustang is the essence of American muscle and is incredibly popular worldwide, who wouldn’t want to ‘cruise down the highway’ in this roaring beast? What makes Ford so unique is that they specialise across the board, providing affordable motors for almost everyone.




Our second American Motor was founded in the same year as its conterpart. Chevrolet are very similar to Ford in the respect that they offer a wide range of cars for many tastes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t specialise in something else. The Chevrolet Corvette is a personal favourite of ours, produced over seven generations, this American speedster is a huge hit all around the world, its rapid acceleration will leave other motorers biting the dust.


UKLet’s keep things close to home, these are our very best local produce found on the Friday-Ad website.


look at the mini

Times have moved on from the infamous ‘Mr Bean’ Mini, nowadays Minis provide us with stunning aesthetic whilst maintaining its original style. Incredibly popular, they are affordable and very stylish, not to mention a lot safer than previous models! The Cooper, shown here, is the most popular model, however if you’re looking for something more sizeable, Mini recently launched their Countryman range which is more of a people carrier style motor, but again like all Mini models, keeping a similar shape and style.


Land Rover

new landySpecialising in 4 wheel drive motors, don’t be fooled into thinking that Land Rovers are just farmer’s cars. In modern times Land Rovers are well known for their luxury that is desirable to all ages and tastes. Incredibly safe with an excellent attention to detail in terms of both performance and interior design, along with an image that has stuck over the years. It is this image that makes Land Rovers so special, not one to forget their roots, their heritage is forever embedded in their unique design.



Jumping ship to a new continent, we find ourselves in Japan, expect fuel efficient hi-tech machines!



Our first Asian instalment provides you with fun, cutting edge, futuristic designs that will make anyone look twice! Matched with this impressive fuel efficiency across the board, the Aygo model does an astounding 69 miles per gallon that’ll be sure to keep you ticking over. Not only fuel efficient, Toyota make great little city cars that are so much fun to drive. A Toyota provides you with maximum fun for minimum outlay!



nissanA different approach from this Japanese manufacturer. Nissan are the proud owners of the famous Skyline and GT-R models! Top Gear are quoted to say that the Nissan GT-R is ‘quite possibly the fastest car in the world to drive cross country’ quite the claim, but it certainly puts Nissan up there as one of the most powerful brands on the planet. Nissans on the whole make for excellent sturdy motors, that are ever reliable, some of which may hurt your neck a tad when you test out the acceleration though.



Vive la France, back to Europe we go, who wouldn’t like a bit of French class?


pepeAfter years of making little progress, Peugeot is now a big name on the motoring map, thanks to the likes of the classy new 208 model which won European car of the year. Peugeot make for excellent family cars, providing a lot of space and features that fit a sizeable family perfectly, such as adaptable seats and elongation of the boot space. Not forgetting the eloquent visuals the cars have to offer, creating a truly high-class looking body. 




Wonderful and affordable, Citroen enter the market with cheap cars that have a French charm. They provide great comfort, visibility and are very fuel efficient. The Citroen C4 is our personal favourite and makes for a fantastic family car, it only uses 74 miles per gallon too, so you will definitely get your moneys worth, priced at around £18,000 brand new they are also not too expensive but, we reckon you’ll be able to scoop one up much cheaper on the Friday-Ad website.



Jetting back to the East, we stop off at South Korea, who offer futuristic, fun and most importantly, affordable motors.


hyuHyundai create budget motors with a superior performance. One of the front runners in the race for the ‘Best City Car’ is their i10 model, it is Hyundai’s best offering due to its enhanced quality and spacious features, providing top quality comfort. The car also runs like a dream, is very fuel efficient and has wonderful responsive steering, no wonder it is dubbed as one of the best city cars of its generation.


AusLet the adventurer out in you! Dropping South to our final destination, Australia.


vauxOne of our more cheeky inclusions, the Australian Holdens are in fact made by the British company Vauxhall! None the less we thought we had to include them as they make for fantastic motors in all categories. Whether you’re looking for a pacey sprint from A to B or a comfortable ride for the family. Holdens (Vauxhalls) are an excellent choice for all tastes and preferences. Best of all they are very affordable, which gives them the edge in many respects. No wonder we had to sneak them in.



That concludes our Motors around the World tour, if you think we have missed anything feel free to get in touch via our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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