How to sell a car: A handy checklist

If you’re looking to sell your car and want to get the best possible price, you should explore the option of selling it privately. While trading your car in when you buy a new one or selling it to a car buying service requires less effort, you will get a much lower price. A little Read more

What does a full car service include?

We all know how important it is to go to the doctors for a checkup to make sure everything is running smoothly. Well, the same goes for our cars! When a car is designed, manufacturers set out a service schedule for the car, which they believe will keep it running reliably and safely. If you Read more

The Ultimate Car Seat Guide

Car seats come in all shapes and sizes these days and it can be quite confusing when knowing which one to buy. That’s why we’re here to help you with our ultimate car seat guide! All of your questions have been answered – from what size car seat to buy, to how to fit it, when Read more

Improve Your Dealership’s Response In 5 Easy Steps

Are you worried that your dealership’s phone isn’t constantly off the hook? Are you frustrated that you’re unable to get frustrated about the sheer volume of emails flooding your inbox? If you’re lucky enough to have a Friday-Ad dealership page then we’re about to give you 5 simple pointers to virtually guarantee a better response Read more

Top Tips | Driving in Winter

Even though we are having one of the hottest November’s since records began, we all know that around the corner there is going to be some cold weather on its way. Are you ready? Driving in winter can be notoriously difficult, with black ice and snow expected almost every year, being able to cope when Read more

Top Tips | Buying a used Motorcycle

When you ride a brand new motorbike off a dealer’s forecourt, you instantly wipe out a chunk of the money you paid to own it. Buying a used motorcycle from Friday-Ad Motors is therefore reckoned by many to be a much better value for money purchase, and provided you work your way through this critical checklist, Read more

A Guide to Winter Car Checks

The winter weather can be unpredictable, with hazardous conditions such as snow, icy roads, high winds, fog, heavy rain, hail and flooding all possibilities. If you’re going to be driving a long distance to see friends or relatives this Christmas, here are some useful tips for taking care of your car. Clean your car  Clean Read more

How to | Driving Off-Road

We are now well into Autumn and Winter is fast approaching, meaning one thing, the off-road driving season is upon us. For those of you that own a 4×4, whilst the rest of the country is complaining about the cold wet weather, you are getting excited about getting your off-roader out into the countryside and Read more

Friday-Ad’s Motors Around the World

On Friday-Ad we boast all kinds of incredible cars from across the globe for sale, from people carriers to sporty whips, there really isn’t a stone left unturned. We’ve managed to select our favourite few from each corner of the planet and everything in between. Take a look below… Kicking things off we land in industrious Read more

Top Tips | Car Maintenance for New Drivers

Can you remember when you passed your driving test and could drive? You were probably given a brief overview of what and where all the important bits of the car were and a few words on how to maintain things like tyre pressure and oil levels. But over the weeks since, there has probably been little Read more