How to make your listing stand out

Spending a little bit of extra time on your classified ad can make all the difference as to how much you manage to sell your item for. You’ll want to take extra care over the elements that will feature on category pages as this is where your item will appear directly against its competition. We Read more

Time for a spring clean? How to sell your used stuff online

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Sites like Etsy in the UK

If you’re looking to start selling your handmade items, chances are the first place you’ll think to investigate is Etsy. However, there are many alternative marketplaces springing up online and some of them are well worth considering. Many sellers choose to list their products in more than one place so you might want to explore Read more

Buying & selling antiques & collectables : A beginner’s guide

Thinking of getting into antiques dealing but have no idea where to start? We’ve put together a comprehensive beginner’s guide on what to look out for when buying, valuing, storing and selling antiques and collectables. Table of contents Jump to the section you are interested in.. BUYING ANTIQUES – Why buy antiques – What to Read more

Top ten collectors items

People collect all sorts of things from expensive art to second hand junk. The next time you go to throw something away, whatever it is, it’s worth remembering that there might be someone out there who is collecting it. Owning a substantial collection of anything can be satisfying especially when you think back to the Read more

Fender bass guitar guide

Fender practically invented electric bass guitars in the 1950s. These iconic instruments were the first to gain widespread recognition and it could be argued that the formula for a good bass guitar has remained pretty much unchanged for 60 years. Many musicians use a Fender bass guitar because they are dependable, simple and can be Read more

Cashing in at car boots: 10 things you must do

Car boot sales are an excellent way to sell off items you no longer use and make money at the same time. Additionally you have the advantage of being face-to-face with the buyer, which allows you to use your sales skills and natural charm to sell items and agree on a price. Like anything, however, Read more

Christmas on a Budget | Presents

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