Friday-Ad’s Motors Around the World

On Friday-Ad we boast all kinds of incredible cars from across the globe for sale, from people carriers to sporty whips, there really isn’t a stone left unturned. We’ve managed to select our favourite few from each corner of the planet and everything in between. Take a look below… Kicking things off we land in industrious Read more

Kit Car Guide

Kit cars can be quite a confusing phenomena for the uninitiated. Essentially, clients buy parts and then assemble the car themselves, rather than buying car already made. A lot of the time, major car parts such as the engine and transmission are sourced from several different vehicles. The kits can vary in their level of Read more

Top American Muscle Cars

American muscle cars are often viewed as Marmite in the UK; you either love them or hate them. These cars, also known as muscle cars, are often quite crude, can’t really go round corners and are a bit unrefined, on the flip side of this though, muscle cars are extremely fast in a straight line, are Read more

Classic Car Auctions

Auctions are excellent places to buy classic cars, if you understand what you’re doing you can really bag yourself a bargain. You will inevitably come across some cars that may need a bit of work, but they will make for fantastic assets once they have been given some tender loving care. Not many people are Read more

How to Maintain a Classic Car

It is a well known fact that classic cars require a lot more maintenance than an up to date model. Even if your old car has a full MOT it is always best to give it a thorough checking over to make sure everything is as it should be. This comprehensive guide will offer advice Read more

Insurance for Classic Cars

Hunting around for car insurance can be a frustrating process at the best of times. However, potentially even more so with regards to classic cars, with the unique terms and conditions that are associated with them. Photo courtesy of Alan Bruce Generally, insurance companies will separate classics into three broad categories when deciding on an appropriate quote. Read more