When you’re in the 9-5 daily grind and traffic is driving you crazy, you may feel that your car merely takes you from A to B. But we believe it can be so much more than that! A good motor is the ultimate way to transport your summer from not to hot, so what can keep you and your car entertained? We’ve compiled a list of activities for you and your four wheeled friend!


Whether you occasionally enjoy putting the pedal to the metal or you’re a fully fledged petrolhead, you may be interested in taking your car to a local racetrack; it’s the only way you can truly get the measure of what your machine can do. Many race tracks allow you to rent your dream car for a few laps, the ultimate summer treat for any speed king or queen.

If you’re local to the South East, head to Brands Hatch for a whole host of motoring activities. The circuit is renowned for its unique combination of dips, cambers, hills and tricky corners so you are sure to be kept on your toes as you race. Driving legends such as F1 stars Jenson Button and Ayrton Senna have claimed titles on this fearsome track over the years. Could you be the next supercar superstar?

Here you can take your own ride for a spin on the course or take part in a driving experience, taking the wheel of an F4 car, a BMW M4, a rally car or a 4×4 off road. There is 2 layout configurations so you are sure to stay entertained all day!

Learn more about Brands Hatch here.

Thruxton is the place to head if you’re living in the South West. The fastest circuit in the UK, it is a great place to have a need for speed. It offers 2.4 miles of smooth tarmac and high speed corners bound to give you a thrilling ride.

Thruxton have a huge range of cars for you to experience including a Ferrari 458 Spider, a Ford Mustang and a McLaren 570S. They also offer a skid pan experience, karting and 4×4 off road driving.

Learn more about Thruxton here.

Experience an internationally renowned track by heading to the Midlands. Based in Northamptonshire, Silverstone is a world class venue, famous for being home to two British Grand Prix. Professional instructors will teach you how to master the famous corners and speed down the straights.

Get behind the wheel of a brand new Aston Martin Vantage, Ferrari F430 Coupe or a BMW M2 and climb to thrilling speeds or take your own car along for a track day.

Learn more more about Silverstone here.

Nestled in the North, Cadwell Park is a haven for petrol heads. Nicknamed the ‘mini Nurburgring’, the track spreads over 2.25 miles of Lincolnshire countryside. It offers three configurations, the Woodlands, the Short Club and the Full Circuit so there is plenty to keep you occupied. This track is famed for its twisting nature and is a firm favourite on the racing scene.

Head to Cadwell Park for a track day and expect to be surrounded by everyone, from thrill seekers to training racing drivers. This is an exciting circuit to get behind the wheel!

Learn more about Cadwell Park here.



If you want to be in the real world free of flag-waving marshals, then do some research on the best driving roads in the country and perhaps Europe. Britain has dozens of winding, mountainous roads that offer beautiful scenery, exciting bends and changing elevation. So plot your route and start your summer road trip!

Top 10 Driving Roads in Britain:

  1. Isle of Arran Coastal Road, Scotland
  2. Blakely Ridge, Hutton-le-Hole to Castleton, England
  3. A470, Cardiff to Portmerion, Wales
  4. Cheddar Gorge, Bath to Cheddar, England
  5. Ribblehead Run, Yorkshire Dales, England
  6. Cat & Fiddle, Derbyshire, England
  7. Hardknott Pass, Lake District, England
  8. Glasgow to Fort William, Scotland
  9. Snake Pass, Peak District, England
  10. A39, Minehead to Barnstaple, England



Another great way to try something new this summer is to attend a drive-in cinema screening. They’re not a relic of 1950s America, they operate across the country to give you a totally unique cinema experience. All you need to do is tune your radio to a given frequency and you’ll be plugged into the action!

They tend to pop up as temporary attractions across the year, however they are a more permanent fixture in Kent, Bournemouth, the East Midlands and Sheffield at these locations:



If you want to clean your car on the driveway then you will need a bucket, sponge, hose, brush and car wash detergent. It is important that you use a detergent that’s suitable for cars because generic cleaning agents could damage the paintwork. If you’ve never done it before, then you should start by hosing the car down with a medium jet of water, which will loosen and soften the dirt.

After that, move onto the wheels, the dirtiest part of the car. Once they’re sorted, circle around the car several times with the sponge, brush and bucket of water. Focus on the top of the vehicle at first and then steadily work your way down; the dripping water will have further softened any remaining dirt along the skirting once you get there.

A fun, effective alternative to this is using a jet wash at your local garage. For as little as £5, you’ll be armed with a water cannon and shampoo brush that have multiple settings each. The more you pay the more time you’ll have.

Car looking good as new? Get it ready for sale with our checklist.



Of course, one of the best ways to enjoy the summer is with the top down – we mean the car, not your shirt! There’s nothing better to ignite your passion for the road, with the wind in your hair on a sunny day. There are so many different convertible options available, whether you’re looking to update your current wheels, or invest in a second ‘weekend car’, Friday-Ad is here to assist you in finding a reduced reliable, rip-roaring runaround.

You can browse our wide range of convertibles here.


Friday-Ad Motors is here for all of your motoring needs. Whether you’re in the market for a new set of wheels or are browsing for parts, there’s plenty to choose from!

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