Top 18 Weirdest Ads on Friday-Ad | 2015

Every year Friday-Ad receives all types of weird and wonderful ads and 2015 was no different. People do have some very intriguing items that they want to sell. So, we have trawled the listings, found the weirdest items on Friday-Ad, and here are our top 18. Some of these you might not be able to Read more

Lewes Bonfire Night

Lewes is known as the bonfire capital of the world due to its great history associated with 5th November. It is the biggest celebration in the UK with 80,000 visitors each year. We have a look at the history of how the night began and how things have changed in Lewes. Bonfire night is an Read more

Top 8 | Halloween Pumpkins

With Halloween fast approaching, most of you will be looking to carve yourselves out a pumpkin. Especially if you’re going to enter Friday-Ad‘s Halloween Pumpkin Carve-Off competition, where you can win 4 tickets to Drusillas’ Shriek Week this Halloween. However, if you’re struggling for inspiration and aren’t sure as to what you should be carving, we Read more

Do’s & Don’ts | Halloween Fancy Dress

We are well into October and this means that you are going to have to start to think about this year’s Halloween fancy dress costume. Whether it’s fancy dress for the kids or for yourself, hunting for a costume can be difficult. Now, there are two types of people in this world, people who loves fancy Read more

Top 10 | Quirky Caravans

Camping is becoming a more viable way to explore Great British outdoors, whilst at the same time getting some time away from the house. With there being a rise in caravanning and motorhoming it has also seen an increase in quirky caravans taking to the road. Here at Friday-Ad Motors, we like people who think outside Read more

Top 20 Curry Facts

In celebration of National Curry Week, here’s the top 20 facts about curry… Could it have been the first chicken tikka masala? – Cuniform tablets dated to 1700 BC found near Babylon in Mesapotamia contained recipes for meat with a sauce and bread probably as an offering to the god Marduk The Portuguese introduced chillies Read more

Greatest game shows ever part 2

Yesterday you saw part, one of this important list, so here is part two. The final few on the list of the greatest TV game shows from history. Dale’s Supermarket Sweep Based on the American version, Dale’s Supermarket Sweep was a fun game show which for a while turned everyone into wannabe shop lifters. Basically, Read more