Camping is becoming a more viable way to explore Great British outdoors, whilst at the same time getting some time away from the house. With there being a rise in caravanning and motorhoming it has also seen an increase in quirky caravans taking to the road. Here at Friday-Ad Motors, we like people who think outside the box and push the boundaries of the norm. Therefore, we have gathered our favourite quirky caravans for your enjoyment, some of these are really ‘out there’, a far cry from your typical motorhome or caravan.


1. The Cramper Van

Cramper Van

Picture courtesy of Daily Mail

2. The McCaravan


Picture courtesy of Striving For Tiny via tumblr

3. The Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine

Picture courtesy of Doreen Bates Zakem

4. The I Like Big Boots

I Like Big Boots

Pitcure courtesy of Daily Mail

5. The VW Centipede

VW Centipede

Picture courtesy of DIYRV

6. The Sports Camper

Sports Camper

Picture courtesy of DIYRV

7. The Batmo-tor Home

Batmo-tor Home

Picture courtesy of DIYRV

8. The Bodge Job

Bodge Job

Picture courtesy of DIYRV

9. The Winged Demon

Winged Demon

Picture courtesy of Genomicon

10. The Old Skool

The Old Skool

Picture courtesy of Cindy Cornett Siegle via flickr

There you go, these are our favourite quirky caravans! Do you think your caravan should’ve made the list? Why not let us know? Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and get your quirky caravan in our list today!


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