Has your car ever broken down? More than likely the answer to this question will be yes (if it’s no, you’re very lucky), and therefore you will have succumed to having to wait for your recovery driver to come and save you. However, here at Friday-Ad Motors we have come up with our top 10 essential items to keep in your car, which could’ve made that waiting time a lot more bearable or prevented it all together. Check them out!

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1. Owner’s Manual

This kind of goes without saying, and should naturally live in your glove compartment for the indefinite future. The reason for this is that it provides a whole load of useful information that can get you back on the road, such as detailed images of how to change a tyre. Granted it is also necessary to have a car jack and a spanner, but without your manual you may not know where to start.

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2. Spare Fully Charged Mobile Phone

Again the reasoning for this is quite self explanatory, but any phone regardless of if it has a current phone tariff, will be able to phone 999 if you have an emergency. However, we would recommend that you have it on a Pay As You Go tarriff so that you can call your recovert company or a loved one to come and save you. Another bonus, provided you use a Nokia 3310 (a personal favourite), is that you can pass the time playing snake whilst waiting for your knight in shining armour.

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3. Bottled Water

Water is the source of all life on this planet, and if you end up getting stuck somewhere for a considerable amount of time, you’re going to need it. Be sure to keep a couple of bottles somewhere in your car, preferably somewhere away from the sun’s rays.

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4. A Large, Warm, Waterproof Jacket

This is incredibly valuable! Granted predominantly during the winter months, but you don’t want to have to change your tyre at the side of the road when the heavens have opened, and the temperature outside is cold enough to freeze the perspiration coming from your sniffle stricken nose without it.

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5. Towels

Like the jacket, these can be useful if you are caught out by the Great British weather, however they also can provide some much needed traction if your car gets stuck in the mud or snow (put them underneath each wheel). Towels can also come in handy if you have a pet dog that is fond of rolling around in the mud or running into the sea/river. Wrap them up in this when they get into the car to protect your seats.

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6. ‘Emergency Money’

A small amount of money – around £20 – can be useful for a number of situations, namely when you want to get that McDonald’s fix but forgot to bring your wallet. Emergency money to the rescue! It can also come in handy when you can’t find any money for the toll booth, so ideally try and keep it in a mixture of notes and loose change.

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7. Ice Scraper

This shouldn’t have to be included but you’ll be surprised how many people lack one of these in their car. It is an ABSOLUTE essential for anyone living in the UK. It’s Britain. It get’s cold, A LOT! Something that can make your ice scraper more effective is de-icer. Spray a little on your windscreen, leave for a few seconds, and then scrape away and the ice should come off much easier.

TorchPhoto Source

8. Torch

The gift of light can be a crucial tool if your car comes unstuck, specifically when you’re attempting to check under the bonnet during the early hours of the morning. It can also come in handy if you wish to read your book whilst you wait, it can be utilised as a handy reading light. Alternatively, if you are stuck out at sea you can try your hand at morse code (this situation is highly unlikely).

spare-tyrePhoto Source

9. Spare Tyre

Without this one you’ll have to wait for somebody to come and save you instead of changing it yourself. It will save you some much needed time and means you’ll only miss the first ten minutes of Eastenders instead of having to watch the Sunday omnibus.

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10. Jump Leads

If you’ve ever accidentally left the radio on in your car whilst the engine is not running, you have probably used jump leads before. These are the ideal tool when trying to get some life back into your battery, it’s either jump leads or attempting to bump start your car, so all in all these will save you much needed time and energy. A must have.

If you think that we have missed out any essential items that you need in your car, feel free to let us know and connect with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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