#runnin4jack Friday-Ad Fundraiser

The harsh reality of losing your husband/wife, soulmate or partner too early is that you face financial uncertainty pretty much straight away. Funeral costs, paying the rent along with household bills become a big problem very quickly indeed. This funding page isn’t to ensure financial stability forever… It’s to try and help Jack’s family get through the next few months! 

If you are in a position too, then please help Mihika and her wonderful son Kal-el by visiting the link below. Jack Hughes, who lived in Hove was loved by so many locally and will leave a huge hole in the community.

Jack’s story…

Welsh dude Jack/Jay lost his tremendous battle against cancer on Sunday 20th Feb 2022. Since his diagnosis in the Summer 2021 Jack continued to beat the odds of his prognosis and in doing so showed a steely determination to stay around for Meeks and Kal as long as possible. Jack fought his illness ‘his way’…..in the most selfless, dignified manner and with his own unique humour 🙂

In these last few months Jack managed to fulfil some bucket list requests, creating some wonderfully happy memories for Meeks and Kal, and a huge part of that was down to the unbelievable generosity of donations to this page. The kindness of family, friends, the wider community of Hove and beyond has been humbling, this is testimony to the popularity of Jack himself, as everyone loved him and wanted to help.

Meeks and Kal now face an immediate future of financial uncertainty, starting with Jack’s funeral costs and Meeks paying all household bills on her own. We are continuing to raise money for Meeks and Kal to support them during this time as they grieve together and try to begin to come to terms with the tragedy of losing Jack.

The first fundraiser in support of Meeks and Kal is by Matt Sagar and Sam Kidger (of Friday-Ad) running the epic Brighton Marathon on Sunday April 10th, please help us with a DONATION if you can!

We are asking for the support from anyone that can to help raise funds for his beloved wife Mihika and his son Kal-El to help them get through this extremely difficult time. We will be donating a percentage of @runnin4jack fundraising to Pancreatic Cancer UK and Brighton and Hove based Martlets Hospice, who looked after Jack at home in his final weeks and days.

If you’re running a fundraiser you want the community to know about, send in your story to prnews@friday-ad.co.uk