With each passing year, more and more people are rethinking their dietary habits. With the food industry’s impact on climate change becoming clearer and new information on healthy living constantly coming to light, veganism is becoming more and more popular. 

A great way of dipping your toes into the vegan water while potentially discovering previously unknown cuisines, diving headfirst into the vegan world, and what better time to explore than Veganuary, and where better to explore than Sussex?

In this guide, we will highlight our picks for some of the best all-vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in Sussex, incorporating our favourites from Brighton (the unofficial vegan capital of the south) and the wider Sussex area and hopefully, you’ll discover your next date night destination.

  • Bonsai Plant Kitchen: Reinventing Vegan Food

    44/45 Baker Street, Brighton, BN1 4JN

    Various vegan dishes of Asian cuisine, spread out on a wooden table

    Opening Times

    Monday – Closed 

    Tuesday – 5pm – 9pm 

    Wednesday – 5pm – 9pm 

    Thursday – 5pm – 9pm 

    Friday – 12pm – 2pm, 5pm – 9pm 

    Saturday – 12pm – 2pm, 5pm – 9pm 

    Sunday – Closed 

    Price Estimate

    £20 – £40 per person


    This entry should not come as a surprise to anyone in the vegan community or who has shown an interest in veganism. Bonsai Plant Kitchen’s story began relatively recently, opening in 2021 as a takeaway and operating out of a disused café during the COVID pandemic. As restriction

    s began to loosen, the team found an opening as a pop-up kitchen in a pub, before finding a permanent home in March 2022 on Baker Street.

    With an emphasis on experimental vegan dishes, Bravo’s 2023 Plant Champions aims to satisfy everyone, from the already converted to the most hard-core meat lovers. 

    Their menu consists of small plates inspired by the cuisines of Vietnam, Tokyo and Bangkok, and, importantly, all the food is vegan.

    The staff work hard to ensure a warm and charming atmosphere, coupling this with the sleek and cosmopolitan interior, to create a relaxed mood.

    This high-end entry is a must for anyone wanting to experience the best quality vegan food that Sussex has to offer.

    The Roundhill: 100% Plant-Based Pub, Award-Winning Food, Cocktails, Real Ale, Wine and Live Music

    100 Ditchling Rd, Brighton, BN1 4SGThe Roundill's Logo

    Opening Times

    Monday – Closed

    Tuesday – 5pm – 9pm

    Wednesday – 12am – 3pm & 5pm – 9pm

    Thursday – 12am – 3pm & 5pm – 9pm

    Friday – 12am – 3pm & 5pm – 9pm

    Saturday – 12am – 9pm

    Sunday – 12pm – 7pm

    Price Estimate

    £12.50 – £15.50 per person


    Another Brighton establishment, well-known amongst the local vegan community, The Roundhill Pub opened its doors in 2018. For this pub, the emphasis is well and truly on sustainability. With new owners arriving in January of 2023, they have stepped up their game. Not only do they source their produce and alcohol from local suppliers, but they also donate their food waste to a local rescue farm.

    The Bravo 2022 Plant Champions, Sustainable Eats winner, and 2nd Best Roast are on a mission to create excellent plant-based food and drink, and we can confirm that are currently succeeding.

    Their menu is, as you probably guessed, entirely vegan, consisting of both small and large plates and mixing traditional pub food with international cuisine. The jewel in their vegan crown is surely their vegan roast, lauded by many as the best in Brighton and possibly ever.

    On top of this, they have introduced Pasta Wednesdays, Brighton’s first-ever vegan pasta night, and monthly themed evenings, where the chefs will take inspiration from an exotic cuisine and give it a fully vegan makeover.

    With the new ownership came a refurbishment. A new colour scheme and furnishings have been implemented, making it a great time to check out this unique Brighton pub.

    Waves Cafe and Sandwich Bar: Family-run seaside café serving a variety of food including full English breakfasts

    147 High Street, Selsey, PO20 0QBWaves Cafe & Sandwich Bar's Logo

    Opening Times

    Monday – 07:00 – 15:00

    Tuesday – 07:00 – 15:00

    Wednesday – 07:00 – 15:00

    Thursday – 07:00 – 15:00

    Friday – 07:00 – 15:00

    Saturday – 07:00 – 15:00

    Sunday – CLOSED

    Price Estimate

    £3 – £15 per person


    Founded in 2011, this family-run, West Sussex cafe has been a staple of its local community, offering great value and catering to all dietary requirements.

    Although it has the fewest vegan options listed on its menu, the kitchen is very accommodating, always willing to above and beyond to make sure its customers are happy.

    Tripadvisor’s best-rated restaurant in Selsey does have a considerable number of vegetarian options available. All dishes are locally sourced, with the bread being sourced from a local bakery. If you’re in the area, treat yourself to a cosy meal by the sea.

    Constantinople: Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Fusion

    51 Norfolk Square, Brighton, BN1 2PAThe front of Constantinople's restaurant. The front is painted blue.

    Opening Times

    Mon – 12:30pm – 3pm, 5:30pm – 11pm

    Tue – 12:30pm – 3pm, 5:30pm – 11pm

    Wed – 12:30pm – 11pm

    Thu – 12:30pm – 11pm

    Fri – 12:30pm – 11pm

    Sat – 12:30pm – 11pm

    Sun – 12:30pm – 11pm

    Price Estimate

    £9 – £19.95 per person


    Our second family-run business on this list, vegan-friendly Constantinople came to Brighton in 2017 with a wealth of Ottoman culinary experience garnered from working in Istanbul over many years. 

    Currently, they’re the sixth-best rated restaurant in Brighton according to Tripadvisor. They are known for providing a wide variety of dishes, constantly updating their menu and providing phenomenal service while cultivating a friendly vibe. 

    One of this establishment’s attractions is its charm. It is perfect for a range of different occasions, balancing a family-friendly atmosphere with an intimate setting.

    Yaaze Cafe Bistro & Meze Bar: We don’t just make food. We make people’s experience. 

    15 Denmark Place, Hastings, TN34 1PFYaaze Cafe Bistro & Meze Bar Logo

    Opening Times

    Monday – 7am – 3pm

    Tuesday – 7am – 3pm

    Wednesday – 7am – 3pm

    Thursday – 7am – 3pm

    Friday – 7am – 3pm

    Saturday – 7am – 3pm

    Sunday – CLOSED

    Price Estimate

    £5.40 – £13.90 per person


    Rounding off our list are Yaaze Cafe Bistro & Meze Bar. One of the most exciting restaurants in Hastings, Yaaze opened its doors in 2021 and is currently Tripadvisor’s second highest-rated restaurant in the area (previously occupying the top spot).

    With hearty portions, a mix of Western classics and delicious Mediterranean favourites, there is a very large selection on offer for all veggie and vegan customers. Come along and enjoy the selection with the friendly and attentive staff and make your test run of the vegan lifestyle a little easier.


    Sticking to a vegan diet daily can be tough, so treating yourself to some professionally made vegan products can make Veganuary a little easier, with each Sussex restaurant on our list offering something a little different. If veganism is something that you’re considering beginning, then make sure you keep up to date on the latest health advice and leading thinking on vegan nutrition.

    Eating out is most definitely a privilege, especially when doing so with a group of friends, or trying new food as part of a great family day out. Hopefully, this rise in veganism can help contribute to a more sustainable and healthier future, by reducing the production of animal products and limiting the food industry’s contribution to the effects of climate change on the planet.

    Whether or not you are planning on observing Veganuary or switching to a vegan diet, we hope that you’ve had fun and that we’ve helped you discover new restaurants that you’re excited to try, and will consider eating less meat and animal products in general.