Sussex to be renamed Friday-Ad! (APRIL FOOLS!)

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We have some very exciting news to tell you today. If you live in Sussex this will affect you. Actually, let us rephrase that, if you live in Friday-Ad, this will affect you.


Yes, it’s official – the counties of East Sussex and West Sussex are being renamed Friday-Ad! And no, this is not a joke – all relevant signage is being put up as you read this!

We’ve always prided ourselves on the fact that we are a local company – bringing buyers and sellers across Sussex together. And what better way to celebrate that by changing the name of our beloved county to the public’s most beloved site – Friday-Ad!

Billy Humphreys, Marketing Manager of Friday-Ad, said: “We know that Friday-Ad is Sussex’s most popular online classified website and paper – we’ve been around for over 40 years!

“As a company we love everything about the county – the beautiful countryside, the residents, the historic buildings… and we feel that Friday-Ad is very much engrained into Sussex culture!

“We’re very grateful that West and East Sussex Councils allowed us to do this!”

This wasn’t an easy task and took years of planning and preparation. First, we had to get permission from both West Sussex and East Sussex county councils, who took a lot of persuading. Then we had to make some huge preparations in terms of everything that comes with the big change – maps, addresses, signage, and the formation of a new council – the Friday-Ad county council!

And after this? Well, the preparations have now been put into action – some of you may have noticed that some of the signage has changed around your area. We have started off in Brighton and we are working our way through all the towns and cities in Friday-Ad. Take a look:


Yes, that’s right! The first of the new Friday-Ad buses – the county’s new bus design, coming to a town / city / village near you! And look what else we’ve done:

iStock_000022482288_Large iStock_000075890387_Double

Yes, that’s right… the Brighton Dome is now being called Friday-Ad dome! We expect all the changes to be fully implemented by this time next year. Understandably, it takes quite awhile to change all signage, maps, and so forth.

If you’re a Friday-Ad resident you will soon be receiving a letter in the post from the council detailing how these changes will be implemented and how they will affect you – such as address changes, and so on!

What do you think? Are you happy about the change? If you spot any of the changes we are making whilst you’re out and about please tweet us @TheFridayAd!