In these uncertain times, and with people still social distancing, the health and safety of our community is more important than ever. We want to make buying and selling as safe and convenient as it can be.

Spending more days at home means you could use the time to have a good clear-out and spring clean. You can still list any items you no longer need on Friday-Ad. It will not only keep you busy, but give you a sense of doing something constructive, help you feel more organised and put extra cash in your pocket in the near future. “Control the controllables” as they say…

While we’re still social distancing, our platform is still fully up and running which means you can still:

1. Sort out the items you want to sell

2. Take photos/ videos of what you’re selling.  Take photos of what you’re selling. Ensure the pictures are good quality (good lighting, different angles, close ups/zoomed out) the better the picture the better impression you’ll have on the buyers.

3. Place your free ad 

Go to Click ‘Place and ad’. Choose a category you are advertising within, add the details. Choose your ad and place it! Once your ad is placed, it should appear in ‘Manage my ads’ and you can renew the ad as many times as you want.

4. Deliver your item using a contactless courier

Once you’ve managed to sell your item. You can send your item to another household using a contactless courier

Note: If you wish to wait until after social distances measures are no longer in place to sell your item, you can keep your ad/item listed on Friday-Ad for free until you want to sell it.

What can I clear out/ sell?

When it comes to selling your second hand items, you can sell just about anything on Friday-Ad. Whether that’s old furniture that you’ve now replaced, clothing that no longer fits you, technology you’ve now updated or baby and kids equipment that’s not purposeful anymore there will be someone out there who is looking for those very things! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure as they say…If you’re interested to know what’s popular and roughly how much items sell for on Friday-Ad then check out the most popular selling items of last year. But on Friday-And it’s really up to you how much you want to sell your items for. 


If you’re looking for other ways to keep busy but productive at the same time, there are lots of constructive ways to spend the extra time at home, which will keep your hands and mind busy