Being stuck at home doesn’t have to be all that bad. Why not make it as positive as you can by passing the time doing things that are productive. Although there are probably hundreds of netflix shows you could binge watch too, why not also consider finally ticking off some of those tasks you had on your to-do list that lets be honest…you probably weren’t going to get  done anytime soon. Here’s a few suggestions…

1. Spring clean and clear out

There has been a lot of studies to show that clutter in the house can contribute to stress and anxiety. So why not think about getting rid of those items you no longer need and creating a more physical and mental space? Clearing up and out can have a positive affect on your mental health. Clutter can annoy us and distract us, taking away some of our energy. So get rid of these niggling things and start sorting out what’s no longer of use to you. Get ready to sell them to help you make space AND get that extra cash you’ll definitely appreciate when this has all blown over! 

De-cluttering – it’s time to be ruthless…

For some of us, getting rid of things can be a major challenge. There’s a secret hoarder in almost all of us…meaning we collect huge amounts of unnecessary items that we convince ourselves will be of some use in the future, when in reality they probably contain little or no value to us anymore. So, let’s be ruthless and realistic. Duplicates for example, do you really need several versions of the same item? The more invaluable items you clear out the more space you will have to enjoy your home and the freer you will feel. Clearing out these items might also be a great little extra cash earner too which i’m sure wont go a miss at this time! Here’s how you can sell safely from home.

2. Update your CV/ Professional profile

Before lockdown i’m sure you probably had lots of other exciting plans which  came higher up on your priority list. However, now you’re stuck indoors, why not use this time wisely to revamp your professional profile by updating your CV and linkedin profile. All of which will help towards a golden future. Check out our tips to creating the perfect CV.

3. Start a garden

The coronavirus lockdown has prompted loads of people to take up gardening. Not only is it getting back to nature good  for our mental health and wellbeing but starting a garden can be a great way to become more self-sufficient and improves the look and feel of our homes too. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small balcony or your very own lawn. Forms of gardening can be done from anywhere!

4. Record a story/ create a time capsule 

The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic is sure to go down in history. So, why not create a time capsule to teach all the future generation what it was really like! As well as it being a great time to get creative either by yourself or with the kids, it’s also a brilliant treasure for you to keep and look back on in years to come.

5. Learn a language

While not use the quarantine period to prepare for your next foreign adventure? Not only is it useful when you go away and shows cultural respect, but knowing a language is a great new skill to have. These days there are many ways you can learn a new language from the comfort of your sofa. From self-teaching apps to online tuition classes via platforms like Skype and Zoom.

6. Get fit

Don’t let ‘staying indoors be an excuse not to exercise’. Use the extra time to get fit! This will be hugely beneficial for both your mental and physical health. Outside your daily hour a day there are plenty of other ways you can get fit and healthy from home. Things such as yoga, indoor circuits, dancing, pilates and more! I might find yourself a new activity you thoroughly enjoy! If you want a professional to teach you how it’s done properly then there are loads of instructors and offering their classes online!

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