It doesn’t matter how big or small your outdoor area is, whether you live in a flat with a balcony, have a small courtyard or a large garden, there are plenty of ways to make any outdoor space look magnificent! Here’s a few tips on how to give your garden the wow factor it deserves…


Utilise the space…

If your outdoor area is cluttered, make sure you clear this as it will give a nicer overall impression and should make it look both bigger and neater plus, it’s very therapeutic at the same time! If you come across anything which may be useful in this time, such as old plant pots or a wheelbarrow, KEEP THEM! They might come in handy…

What do you currently have in your garden?

If you have lots of grass and a few flower beds, this is a perfect time to shape your borders and remove any old leaves, weeds or waste which may have gathered over the winter from your flower bed, these can be put in a compost heap or taken to your local disposal centre later on. 


What to put in your garden?

Once everything is clear and you’re happy with how everything is starting to look, now it’s time to decide what you’d like to see in your garden. Maybe you’d like to grow some plants, herbs or vegetables yourself with some seeds, or you have bought some new plants you’d like to pot? Make sure the soil you’re using to pot the plants isn’t too dry and withered, give the soil a turn with a fork and a light spray with either a hose or a watering can, but don’t drown it! Now you’re ready to start planting. If you are unsure what to plant, here’s our recommendations in the graphic below. 

If you did manage to save any pots from earlier, this is a great time to utilise them if you have the space! 

Here are a few tips to help ensure your flower bed stays healthy: 

Space: Make sure your younger plants have enough space to grow and thrive, some plants come with a recommendation on how far apart you should plant them, make sure you check this information before planting, otherwise you plants may die early on.

Handle with care: When removing your plants from their pots before planting with, make sure you don’t pull the plants from their stem, you are likely to damage the plants doing this, instead, give the plants a gentle squeeze from the bottom whilst holding them upside down, this should free the plant up and help it slide out. 

Label what you plant: After you have planted your plants, make sure you give them a label to identify what they are. This is especially helpful with any bulbs and seeds. This is something the kids can help with too, be colourful and creative.

Don’t drown your plants: Plants like to be watered and not drowned, they are designed to take in natural sources of water and nutrients, so if it has been raining for a few days, there is no use in watering them. A tip is to put your finger 2 inches into the soil, if your finger is dry, you need to give the plants water. 

Weeding: No one likes weeds, they one one a gardener’s pet hates! Making sure you regularly get rid of weeds with their roots will reduce the amount of weeds you get in your garden. 

Spruce up your fences

Bring your greenhouse back to life…

Over time, your greenhouse was probably full of lovely plants and a great place for potting too. But over time they can become run down and a place to hoard times in the winter. We recommend having a clear out of old junk you no longer need and freeing up some much needed space for what it was designed for! Having a greenhouse in the garden does not only look nice, but it’s a great overall hub to keep your garden looking smart!

Urban garden ideas…


No garden? No problem! You don’t have to have a garden to grow plants, if you have a courtyard, driveway, small porch or balcony all of these areas can be transformed into a mini green paradise. Here’s a few little ideas for even the smallest of spaces!

For herb lovers…

This balcony herb garden is a brilliant use of space and a beautiful repurposing idea too!

A touch of the tropics…

Create a mini ‘exotic retreat’ to remind you of paradise with some tropical plants. They are very easy to look after too and can survive both warm and cooler temperatures.

Wall features…

You can grow plants from almost anywhere. Hanging baskets are a great way to spruce up your walls

Mediterean style courtyard…

Take inspiration from the style of a classic mediterranean style courtyard by hanging some terracotta pots against a white wall with a beautiful mix of flowers and plants. They don’t have to be brand new ones, reclaimed pots can give it a nice rustic feel. This look has very easy maintenance too.

Looking for items to add to your garden?

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