Essential Items Needed In Your Dog’s Travel Kit

Before you think about going anywhere you need to ask yourself ‘what do I have in my dog’s travel kit?’. Well, what should be in there is: food (light snacks only), bowl, leash, a waste scoop, plastic bags, grooming supplies, any medication your pet might have,  and your pup’s favourite toy or bone, this is in aid of giving your dog a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Crating Your Dog

The advantage of crating your dog, aside from the obvious safety benefit, is that you are more at ease knowing your dog is safe and you’ll be less distracted as a result. It’s understandable to be slightly hesitant when it comes to crating your dog before you travel, nobody enjoys it, but don’t project those views towards the dog. Most dogs don’t mind it, and some prefer the extra safety that they provide. A handy tip is to make sure your dog has been well exercised before crating them as they are more likely to rest once inside. Also make sure there are no items inside the crate that can cause harm to your dag, namely leashes and loose collars are prime examples. Alternatively, you can get a portable cage. Look at these dog cages for sale.

Preparing Your Dog For Travel

This is dependant on the length of the journey, but if you consider it a long one for yourself, then its definitely long enough for your dog. The best way to help your dog cope with the journey is to take them on a number of short ‘tester’ journeys. This will help your pup become accustomed to being in its crate and will ultimately make the journey more pleasurable for everyone.

Dogs Get Carsick Too

Dogs, like people, can get carsick and the best way to prevent this is to try and make the ride as smooth and comfortable as possible. As well as this, your dog is less likely to experience nauseating visual cues if he faces forward throughout your travel, rather than looking out the side windows. A guaranteed way to prevent from this happening would be to purchase a dog seat belt, however most people prefer a crate as they can contain vomit if your pet was to become ill.

No Doggy In The Window

Now we all know that our pups love feeling the wind through their hair and checking out what’s occurring outside their window. But this can be extremely dangerous, as they can be subject to injuries from flying objects, or even worse if they are not properly secured in their crate. The last thing you want would be anything to happen to your dog because he has pulled a Steve McQueen and great escaped his way out the window! Just remember that you aren’t being a party pooper, it’s in your dog’s best interests.

Try Not To Feed Your Dog Right Before You Leave

Your dog’s travel-feeding schedule should ideally start 3-4 hours prior to departure, and should only consist of a light meal. Resist the urge to feed your furry friend in a moving vehicle, no matter how long your drive is, it will more than likely come straight back up, and nobody wants that! You are better off pulling over, giving him a light snack and a brisk walk before heading off.

NEVER Leave Your Dog Alone In Your Car

For all dog owners this is an absolute no no! On a hot day, no matter if the windows are open, your parked car can become unbearably hot as im sure you’ve experienced after returning to it on a summer’s day. If your pet is left inside heat stroke can develop extremely quickly. But it’s not just the hot weather you need to look out for, in cold weather conditions you car can act like a fridge, keeping the cold in and causing your pup to freeze with sometimes fatal effects. Please don’t be a fool, never leave your dog in your car, no matter how long your ‘quick stop’ is.

Other Helpful Hints…

If you travel on a regular basis with your dog, it may be worth your while purchasing some rubber floor mats and waterproof seat covers (you don’t want to ruin that nice new leather now do you!). These are available from most if not all retailers.

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