Moving to University for the first time is an exciting time! But the organisation that comes with it can be a daunting one especially when it comes to finding the right accommodation for you. Starting uni in 2020 is likely to be very different to most other years due to the current situation so arranging living arrangements may be even more stressful. You may be now going to your second choice of Uni, or perhaps you have not had the grades you were hoping for and are entering Uni through clearing making preparations even more tense. But fear not.. Here are some great tips to finding last minute accommodation.

1. Don’t panic

Once you’ve secured your place, it can be very tempting to rush into things and book the first place you find. Due to the pandemic This year, there should be more good choices of accommodation available, as a lot of places have been slower filling due to the impact Coronavirus has caused. So take time to find the perfect space for you.

2. Location!

Location makes a big difference to your overall uni experience. For example being close enough to the campus so it’s not a big trek everyday to get to your lectures or the library or having easy access to public transport (if you’re a little further out). But it’s also important to be close enough to the hustle and bustle of the student social life such as the Student Union or bars and nightlife of the city centre. All these things really contribute to having a balanced and happy student life.

3. Be open-minded

If you haven’t managed to secure your initial choice of accommodation, don’t be disappointed and explore other options and be willing to compromise. Research has shown that students who were not allocated their number one choice of housing  ended up being just as satisfied at the end of the year as those that did. You don’t have to follow the crowd, remember that at most universities there are a wide range of private halls of residence to choose from as well as  shared housing which can be a brilliant sociable experience! 

4. Find out what’s included

Whilst you might be charmed by the cheapest option, it’s vital you find out what’s involved in the price. The place with the cheapest might not include things like water or electricity bills meaning you’ll end up forking out much more than you think! Work out your budget and check whether you can afford the property if bills aren’t inclusive.

5. Ask as many questions as possible!

Don’t hold back at asking questions about the property you’re looking at, even if you think they sound stupid. It’s better to find out everything you can about the house/ accommodation before you drop a deposit on it. Extra important aspects include things like how reliable and quick the internet is. Some halls have built in wi-fi, while others rely on cable connections to the university network. The last thing you want is poor internet connection when you’ve got a deadline fast approaching!


Once you have found your perfect choice you can then start to think about how to kit out your student room… Exciting times ahead!


Thought about renting out your property to students?

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