As the summer draws to a close, we gradually start to spend more and more time indoors which leads us to realise that our furniture has seen better days. Rather than doing the odd touch-up, perhaps it’s time to flick the heating on, and to decorate so everything is nice and cosy for the coming months. Worry not about the money, for there is plenty of good furniture out there that you can get second-hand, and at an excellent price.


First thing’s first, when it comes to finding new furniture, replacing that torn-up sofa is top of the agenda. When thinking of the oncoming cold, it’s good to have a sofa that is soft and, most importantly, comfortable. It’s likely that you’ll spend many a winter night huddled on the settee with your loved ones, with a good movie playing on the telly. Does the sofa make you want to snuggle down and sink into it? If so, great – you’re on the right track!

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Speaking of the telly, every household deserves the best TV; what else are you going to watch all of those winter romantic-comedies on? Perhaps yours has a crack in the corner from when the kids didn’t strap those Wii remotes onto their wrists properly. Or maybe the picture just isn’t as good as when you first bought it. A little-used television set can be very easy to find if you know where to look, and if you’re lucky enough, you might even find one of those fifty-inch plasmas you’ve been dreaming about.

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Sometimes, sitting rooms can begin to look a little empty and bare, perhaps making it feel colder than it actually is. Or maybe the coffee table is looking a little lonely standing all on its own in the centre of the room. Bare rooms and lonely coffee tables aside, rugs can transform any space, and will instantly warm your bare toes! You could get an extremely fluffy one that your dog blends into, or you could get one that is a little coarser but has a wonderful pattern interwoven into the fabric. Either way, a rug can brighten the dullest of rooms and make you happy to be there. Not to mention, some also feel great underfoot too!

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It’s not always ideal to have the heating on 24/7, and even though the room looks warmer, it may still feel cold. A fireplace can be a great addition to your home, making it feel so warm,

you’ll want to take off that jumper of yours. Of course, you don’t have to worry about building a chimney breast to accommodate a fireplace you’ll be using three months of the year. You can always invest in an electric fire to warm your bones. Or if you’re one of the lucky ones who has a built-in fireplace, you could pick up an iron basket and some kindling, and perhaps some marshmallows to roast. Either way, a fireplace is a sure-fire way to make your home feel nice, cosy and warm.

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Investing in a sound system or even a couple of speakers means that you’ll no longer have to listen to the crackly sound coming from your TV. The benefit of having speakers is that you can place the speakers anywhere in the room. No longer will you have to strain your ears just to hear the weatherman tell you that it’ll be raining again. If you manage to get ahold of surround sound speakers, then even better; they’ll make you feel like you’re actually there! You could even wire them up to your vinyl or CD player so your Christmas and New Year’s parties will really come to life.

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A minor, and not often noticed, accessory to your home are candleholders. You can get them in varying sizes; from housing a tea-light, to something that resembles more of a candelabra than a simple candleholder. Along with the varying sizes, they come in all sorts of shapes, so there’s always a candle-holder out there that matches your personality. They add to the ambience subtly while giving it a comfortable and relaxing feeling for all to share, not to mention they smell lovely too!

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