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Hybrid cars are growing in popularity as more people become environmentally conscious and others look to reduce their fuel expenditure. Because, whilst these cars are far better for the planet on which we live, they are also much better for your bank balance too. On the Friday Ad, we have loads of used electric cars for sale.

However, even though these cars are becoming more and more intelligently designed as the years go on, it does seem that there are still some people out there who don’t even consider them when choosing a new car. There are a number of myths out there regarding hybrid cars that may well be putting people off these innovative vehicles.

So we thought we would run through some of these myths and set the record straight.

Myth #1: Hybrid cars lack power

lack power

It’s pretty clear that people love a bit of power in their car. Many folks enjoy revving their engine as they speed off. And, many people are put off hybrid cars because they believe them to offer up less power than other options.

Nowadays, this myth is completely false. It may have been true once, but these days the manufacturers have worked tirelessly to produce good quality cars that pack plenty of punch. Almost all the brands that manufacture hybrid cars have produced sporty, fast models that are ace for those of you who like to hit the open road.

Myth #2: Hybrid cars need plugging in

plugged in

When people mention hybrid cars, a lot of people jump to the conclusion that they need to be plugged in, in order for their engines to charge properly. That assumption comes down to the fact that ‘electricity’ is mentioned when hybrid cars are being discussed. But again, these days, that is not the case. Regenerative braking, which is an ingenious system borrowed from locomotive technology, has put pay to the use of plugs to charge engines.

This technology sees the energy that is usually lost when a vehicle is slowing down or breaking reclaimed and routed to the hybrid’s rechargeable batteries. And, on top of this, the petrol fuelled engine also transfers energy to the batteries in an automatic process.

Myth #3: Hybrid batteries need to be replaced often

replacing batteries

A number of potential buyers are worried about the expense of replacing a hybrid car’s batteries, which many believe need replacing often. Car manufacturers have greatly extended the lifespan of hybrid car batteries and if you keep the charge between 40 and 60 per cent, then the battery should last you a very long time.

Roughly speaking, hybrid car batteries should last you around 100,000 miles, however, this does obviously depend on the manufacturer and your location etc.

Myth #4: Hybrid cars cost an arm and a leg!

cost a fortune

The belief that hybrid cars are overly expensive stems from a time when these cars were brand new and very fashionable. When it comes to all new technologies it is safe to say that everything is pretty expensive when it is first released. This was true of the hybrid cars of years gone by. But now, as these cars become more and more common on our roads, the cost of these vehicles is falling.

Whilst the cost of these cars is falling, it is also worth bearing in mind that you will also be saving a large chunk on your fuel costs. All the money you will be saving on fuel can go towards paying off your hybrid car and you will have the payments completed much faster than if you purchased a regular fuel powered model. Also, consider that every time the fuel prices in the UK rise, your hybrid car is technically saving you more and more money in the long run.

Myth #5: Hybrid cars are just a fad


It seems that a number of naysayers, who seem to have a real aversion to hybrid cars for no apparent reason, claim that they are ‘just a fad’ and that they will peter out eventually. But when it comes to these vehicles, they are most certainly more than just a fad.

Some of the largest car manufacturers in the world are investing huge amounts of money in making these vehicles more efficient and more powerful. They can see it, so should you. These cars are the future.


Image of the Prius courtesy of Toyota Motor Europe via Flickr Creative Commons.


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