Brighton Marathon 2016: We’re running for St Peter & St James Hospice!

Now a major date in the national sporting calendar, the Brighton Marathon and BM10k races raise vast amounts for amazing causes every year. Here at Friday-Ad we’re keen to do our bit too. So we’re delighted to announce that our chosen charity is the St Peter & St James Hospice in North Chailey which gives Read more

Top 10 Best Family Dogs

When it comes to choosing a family pet it is essentially selecting a new member of the family, this can become quite the predicament. Thankfully, we have selected ten of our favourite family pooches based on the characteristics that really matter when selecting a new pup, from attentiveness to trainability, we’ve got it covered! In no particular order… Read more

Dog Battery Farming Explained

Here at Friday Ad we are consummate animal lovers and we support the proper, safe and legal trade of pets within the UK, from pedigree breeders selling top breeds to animals looking for loving new homes. However in the past few years a troubling new practice has arisen in the animal trade industry and for Read more