Is your home computer on its way out?..

It is highly likely at some point in our lives, we will begin to see our laptop or computer slowing down, struggling or no longer able to perform to its intended task. Perhaps we will be swept away and motivated by the latest advertisements, promoting the latest laptop and technology that we must incorporate into our life for added value. 

When you do go out and purchase a new laptop or computer, you may find yourself asking the question, what happens to my old computer? 

There is not much point in wasting space in the home by keeping the shell of an old computer, but how do you go about disposing of your old computer? 

Not able to be simply placed into the kitchen bin, there are many different methods that you can conduct to dispose of your once beloved home computer. 

Sometimes, you may experience an air of guilt from throwing away your once used, loved computer of many years. But by following our top tips, you too can avoid throwing away the device by instead upcycling and refurbishing for an added few years on an already fulfilling life. 

Continue reading to discover all the many options that you can do with your old computer or laptop. 

1. Recycle it

Starting with probably the simplest idea, you will be surprised how many people are unaware that you can recycle both your laptop, but also your computer. Just like both a bottle or clothing bank, when it comes to recycling both your laptop or computer, many local tips have an electric center where you can dispose of old computers. 

 Another way to recycle your old PC without it going into landfill, is to find an electronic bank at your local supermarket. Not all supermarkets have these banks, however, are ideal for those wanting to see their PC experience a new lease of life. 

Once dropped off, the local authority will come to collect the computer or laptop for just a small fee, but before you hand over your beloved computer, it is important to know where it will end up. 

Some companies such as Amazon will supply you with the information on where the computer will be recycled for peace of mind. 

 When it comes to recycling your old computer or laptop, it will not only allow the plastic to be reused, but will reduce any guilt experienced when it comes to disposing a once key part of your home. 


2. Sell It

It may not be noticeable at first, or perhaps the idea doesn’t automatically spring to mind, but someone, somewhere, is looking for a new laptop or computer. Not everyone can afford to buy a laptop brand new, especially students or those trying to start a business, as money can often be tight. 

If your computer is still performing and running, although slower than before, consider selling your old device and earning some money for it. The process of selling your old computer on an online marketplace such as Friday-Ad is extremely simple and can earn you some money to put towards your new device. Worth a try, just make sure that the laptop is in good working order and is accurately described to potential buyers. 

If selling is something that you will do, then make sure to clean the product of any files and ensure that the hard drive is empty and cleared. 

Selling your old PC, will make you feel better about getting rid of it. You will know that its going to someone that will appreciate and get the most out of it, rather than just filling a landfill. 

Got an old computer to sell?

3. Give it to a local school

Everyone knows that computers and equipment in general can be very expensive and out of budget for most schools to purchase. With classes growing faster than the resources, many schools are open to taking donations from the public on things that can be used, whether an old laptop and computer. 

So, do something for the whole community and give back, allowing you to feel great about yourself. 

But before giving your computer away, ensure all memory and data has been thoroughly cleared off the computer. From the software to the hard drive, as this allows the school to adopt the computer for their needs.  

4.Use It For Nostalgic Gaming

Similarly with using an old, original Nintendo, your old laptop or PC can be repurposed and used solely for playing retro games in your free time. If the computer can withstand the power and still has a good resolution, then why not look into turning your computer into a Gaming PC, playing all your old, favorite games.

Regardless of the age of your PC, the older the better, allowing you to play your favorite games for added nostalgia. 

There are various gaming applications that can be downloaded, these usually have an array of games pre-installed on them, making it ideal for those wanting to get gaming straight away. 

If you are wanting to seriously step back into time, during your next gaming session, then look into installing a software called MAME, this stands for multiple arcade machine emulator. This will allow the user to play both arcade games, as well as the games written for the original PCs. 

By repurposing and reusing your old PC for gaming, you can keep it close by, while giving it a new lease of life and using it for entertainment purposes. 


5.Use It For Rebuild Practice

A rather unique idea for some, but if you are the avid engineer or gamer wanting to attempt building a PC from scratch, then what better way to use your old computer! 

By using your old laptop or computer, you can use it as the perfect practice tool for dissecting and putting vital parts back together. 

A top starting point for those wanting to attempt to build their own computer in the future. By training yourself to put the computer back together, you can master the particular and stressful task of building a computer. 

Before you know it, you can become an experienced computer builder, able to create and customize your next PC to your intended needs. 


The choice is yours…

There you have it, the many different ways that you can recycle and dispose of your old computer. A once handy and beloved device, saying goodbye to your family computer can be a sad time, yet it doesn’t have to be! 

By following our top tips, you can bring a little bit of joy to all depending on how you choose to dispose of your old computer. 

With technology continually on the rise, instead of placing your old computer or laptop into the back of the cupboard to gather dust, instead give it a wipe over and a new lease of life. You never know, perhaps you could make some money in the process! 


Article written by Sydney Tierney, Guest Blogger

Author bio: Just recently finished her studies; is working her way into the world of content writing as a digital marketing assistant. She writes for clients that specialise in wedding bands, velvet pouffes, all the way to Gaming PCs!