Matt Hobson is a sports massage therapist, fitness instructor and professional drummer/percussionist. A former Royal Marine with many years of touring experience and keeping fit and training to a high level, Matt trained at the YMCA to help people recover from muscular injuries from sport and aid fellow performers. He trains people in military fitness, running clubs and online fitness classes. He lives and has his practice in beautiful Seaford, East Sussex.


Matt Hobson

Sports Massage Therapist

 My name is Matt Hobson and I’m a sports massage therapist. “What is sports massage therapy?”, you may ask. Sports massage therapy is more than just a gentle hands, Swedish style, approach to relaxing muscles and mind with calm panpipe music, where you may fall asleep. It is more technical and has many health benefits to people that do sports, active or sitting jobs, and many hobbies that may result in damaged muscles; it often comes under deep tissue massage.


What are the benefits?

As well as helping injury recovery, sports massage therapy can help correct posture and increase flexibility. It is able to reduce muscle soreness from exercise, which allows you to get back to training quicker.  Sports massage helps with relaxing nerves too. Reducing ones stress is always good to invest in and I do get clients that just require that too. Many people say that it can help better your sleep.

Who can it help?

Sports massage is beneficial to just about anybody. It helps all sports people by reducing pain and soreness in the muscles, allowing them to have a stronger performance in your specific/chosen field or activity. However, its not just athletes that benefit. I also work with musicians, actors, dancers and theatre crew to help them through their rigorous work life, especially if they are touring.  Their unique jobs means that posture and tired muscles can result in frequent injury and I can aid recovery. As a professional musician myself I understand the performing life well.

In addition, sports massages aren’t just for physical pain they also help you psychologically. After a massage, endorphins are released boosting your mood and helping to reduce anxiety and feelings of stress.

Looking for a massage therapist?

Does it hurt?
The question I get asked the most is, “does it hurt?”. There are many techniques I use to help an area of sore muscles, whether it may have a trigger point (a ‘knot’) or tight ligament or tendon. Some areas may require me to push harder or use thumbs or even elbows to target fibres more acutely. You may feel a bit of discomfort, but we talk through everything and you provide me with feedback to get the best from your massage. You maybe tender the day after, but you’ll feel that the previously damaged area has more freedom of movement than before. During the massage we may move limbs and apply stretches to gain more range of motion over a joint and and I will also prescribe a stretch routine, or exercises, to further aid recovery and get you back doing your sport, hobby or job quicker.

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