We spoke to upcycling specialist Darryl Haverty who has produced some incredible upcycling creations over the years. Below he shows us some of his recent creations and how upcycling has become such a passion for him

I’m Darryl. I’m an experienced metal joiner from Warwick. My hobby is creating quirky things from upcycled metal products. No two items I make are ever the same. I’m always on the lookout for the next project.

Darryl Havertyes

Professional Upcycler

I’ve always been creative. At the age of 15 I enjoyed customising my 1976 mini. I’ve had a go at furniture design but got into welding about 10 years ago and developed a taste for metal.

I’ve always done things slightly differently to everyone else, think outside the box they say, but I’m thinking what to make with the box!

About 4 years ago I felt I needed an outlet just for me. A place to create, play and enjoy my free time. I produced an oil drum seat for my partner and from there what was to be a little hobby got way out of hand.

“Everything should get a second chance”

My ethos is everything should get a ‘second chance’. We are such a throw away society UK landfills will one day reach their capacity. We all need to think differently about what we buy and what we throw away. I love taking everyday quality waste metals, beautiful, robust and long lasting, and thinking creatively about how to give them a new purpose as something decorative, quirky, unique and where I can be multi functional.

I use just what’s in front of me; no new metals, no drawings, and limited tools. This means my items are always one off and difficult to replicate.

The passion comes from a chance to play in my mind, be creative and have a space and purpose that keeps me well and happy. The little workshop was a dream that came true when the Warwick Welder Facebook and Instagram gained a great following from a community of buyers who were keen to have my pieces in their home or business. 

The Warwick Welder on social media gave a great community platform to share my creations. My creations are brought together quickly once I have an idea cemented in my mind, over the last 4 years I have made around 200 pieces. But when you’re having fun who’s counting..

Some of my creations…

The Oil Drum Seats were one of my first creations. Oil drums can’t go to landfill due to the chemicals they hold, they typically end up dumped and wind up in our waterways and oceans so I was keen to find another use for this strong and sturdy steel. I have to work hard to remove any signs of their original use and make safe, and try to give a brand new finish, sometimes adding a theme, car wing mirrors, lighting and even a sound system.

The Wine Holder Bike came about when I saw two unwanted bar stools. Just by looking I can reimagine them in a totally new way. From the before and after pictures you may be able to spot what from the stools I have used where.

The Spark Plug Lamp was formed from a Camshaft, spark plugs, chain gears and the shade I’m not sure of its original use. I just saw it and thought – Lamp!

The Inspiration for the Owl came from a teapot and car suspension spring. From there I added masses of cutlery, a vegetable steamer and the wings were formed from an espresso cup stand. Often my more creative items come from an idea sparked from a glace at a piece, curve or shape that stands out in a hoard of metal.


The Guitar came when I salvaged a huge piece of agricultural chain. Playing with it on the workshop floor I shaped it into the silhouette of a guitar. Obviously you can’t play it as a guitar so felt the need to include an inbuilt hidden Alexa so it plays your music on demand.


Feeling inspired?

Next time you’re thinking about throwing away a quality material, think first what is possible with this?, what second chance could I give it?, who could do something with this?. I’ve put my passion out there on Facebook and Instagram so people can be part of Warwick Welder creations or turn their hand at making themselves. But sometimes it’s nice to just get a follow, a nice comment or maybe even a purchase – sending me off to the workshop

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