We have all been there… receiving those unwanted Christmas gifts from friends and relatives and thinking “what do I do with them?”

With Christmas just around the corner we can almost guarantee that you’re about to be the proud owner of a new item that you know you’ll either never use or never wear. This common occurrence is down to too many people ‘impulse’ buying because of last minute panic or maybe just poor decisions. Last year it was estimated that almost £961.97 million worth of presents would be unwanted.

Let’s stop wasting…

With the current environmental crisis we need to focus on creating less waste. This means there is NO excuse for letting these items gather dust in the attic or even worse being ‘chucked out’.


We’re here to help!

Instead of letting unwanted, duplicate or “just not quite you” gifts go to waste or clutter up your home – join our Present Xchange! A specially dedicated section on Friday-Ad, where you can sell all your reject gifts fee-free. 
You’ll earn money to spend on something you really want (or put towards your holiday fund?!), and your gifts will go to a new home to be ‘re-loved’. Now that’s what we call festive spirit 🙂

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