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Soon the weather will start to get nice, the days will become even longer and the summer holidays will arrive. A lot of students will start to apply for summer jobs. I mean, what is better than earning some extra money to fund your shopping addictions, studies or a holiday with your mates. Whatever you need the money for, we are here to give you the rundown on the best summer jobs for this summer! 

What are summer jobs? 

Before we go into what different full-time and part-time summer jobs available, let’s start with what a summer job actually is! 

In basic terms, a summer job is a job that a student completes over the summer. They usually start at the end of the term and finish just before the school term starts up again. You can complete summer jobs in a variety of sectors and you can get both full-time and part-time summer jobs. 


Top 5 Summer Jobs for Students 

Summer intern 

A summer internship is an amazing opportunity to gain some experience as well as earning some extra money. Internships give you an insight into a career path that you might be considering, it can even confirm that you want to work in this industry, but equally, you may decide that this is no longer the career path you want to pursue. An internship is also an extremely valuable experience to have on your CV, you will learn a variety of hard and soft skills during your internship and will show recruiters that you are motivated. 


Tutoring is a great summer job. It gives you the flexibility that you will often want in summer. Of course, we want to work and earn some extra money, but we want to have a life! We need time to see our friends, family and travel! A tutoring job therefore might be perfect for you, you can pick your own hours, and because of COVID-19, almost all tutoring jobs are now being carried out online, meaning as long as you have your laptop and WIFI you can complete your lessons anywhere! 


Tutoring jobs also pay extremely well, and often they give you the opportunity to start your own business. Meaning you can choose how much you charge! 


During summer, the need for babysitters generally goes up. When younger kids are no longer going into school but parents are still required to work it often leaves parents needing someone to keep an eye on the kids whilst they are at work. Your main responsibilities will be keeping their kids safe and entertained. 

Babysitting is a great summer job as it pays well and the hours tend to be pretty flexible, allowing you to have time to see your friends. Companies such as Yoopies and Koru Kids are specialised in matching babysitters with families. 


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Work abroad 

After pretty much a year of very few of us being able to get away, completing a summer job abroad is even more appealing than usual! There are a variety of different summer jobs abroad to choose from, whether it’s completing your TEFL qualification and teaching English or working in a Camp America the opportunities are endless. 

Working abroad during summer is an amazing opportunity, it gives you the chance to earn money, whilst travelling and meeting countless new friends. Some of the teaching languages abroad programmes will even provide you with free accommodation, it doesn’t get much better than that!  


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Delivery Driver 

Delivering driving is another great summer job. Again, it allows you to be flexible with your hours, often you can choose whether you want to work full-time or part-time. Delivery jobs also tend to be well paid and you often receive tips on top of your basic pay. And of course, the weather tends to be a bit better, so it makes biking around even better! Companies like Gorillas are new in the UK and are looking for team members to join their team in a variety of different locations. 


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