This year the word ‘Small Business’ seems to have become prominent. During the pandemic, many small businesses have evidently been struggling after being forced to close their doors or stop their services.

However the news is not all bad, as a huge amount of businesses have found ways to thrive by adapting their ways of working, or changing their model completely. Many people that have lost their jobs have also decided to take the plunge and set up their very own small business that they may have not done otherwise! 

Check out some of the most popular new small businesses of this year…


Digital fitness

Gyms across the country constantly being shut down forced many of us to work out in our living rooms. Although many gyms have now re-opened, people are unwilling to reactivate their membership. Either due to safety fears or just not wanting to give up the convenience of at-home workouts. If you’re a fitness fanatic and you’re good with technology, online personal training could be for you!

Food delivery

COVID-19 has driven an astonishing growth in the food delivery market, which was already skyrocketing before the pandemic. While there are already many established market sharers, such as Uber Eat and deliveroo, there’s plenty of room for more food deliveroo services particularly with the increase in the love for ‘local business’.

Alternatively, you could leverage your local relationships and compete on a local level by offering cheaper, faster delivery and undercutting the service fees of the national conglomerates. It’s a competitive market, but there is potential in this fast-growing industry. 

In-Home Beauty Services

Hair and nail salons are now reopened however the switch in culture means many customers now prefer to get personal services provided at home. From haircuts to makeup,  nails and massages,’ in-home’ personal care services are widely in demand.

Looking for a beauty service?

Website building and design

It’s the 21st century. Every business needs a website. Without an online presence, any company will struggle to attract new customers. Flyers, and business cards are great, but without a website on that business card a small business will find it massively hard to get its name out there or appear legit.

Do you have a service you want more people to know about?

Pet sitting

Pet sitting is also a fast-growing business. The number of pet owners have skyrocketed since the pandemic which means the demand for ‘pet services’ has also increased.

Many people treat their pets as beloved family members, but they still have to travel and stay at work for long periods of time. 

This rise in pet owners makes now the ‘pawfect’ time for animal lovers to capitalise on this rewarding freelance opportunity…

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