Here at the Friday-Ad, we’re all about giving you guys ways of keeping fit and healthy – and doing your bit for the environment. Owning (and actually using) a bike is a great way of ticking all of these boxes, but if you need a little more persuading then check out our ten very good reasons as to why you should own a bike.

10. Cool points

Now putting the helmet hair and the dodgy tan lines aside, cycling is considered to be a pretty cool thing to do now. Gone are the days of being laughed at for your elbow pads (although if you must wear them – try and hide them under a jacket) cycling places is now one of the most popular, and fashionable, modes of transport – even better if you can find a vintage bike with a basket on the front – we love those!

9. Fighting the flab

Keeping fit has got to be on this list somewhere, so we thought we’d chuck it in at number nine. Some of you who took our couch potato test the other week may have been slightly scared by the amount of tele you watch – if you know the TV schedule better than the directions to your local park then you need to get outside. So what better way to do this than go for a bike ride? Riding a bike is a brilliant way of keeping fit, both for your cardiovascular health and for your muscles!

8. Team green!

Saving the planet – yep, by riding a bike instead of taking the car you are helping to keep the planet alive and well. Can you imagine a world without trees ‘n’ stuff? No? Neither can we, and when we do it makes us sad so to do your bit for nature and to keep a smile on our Friday-Ad faces then buy a bike.

7. Take the scenic route

Owning a bike means you get to see the sights drivers can’t. Bored of staring at roundabouts and tarmac? Well you don’t have to if you’re cycling – go off route and take in the greenery of your home town – ride through the park even, just as long as you watch out for oncoming pigeons and the odd squirrel on your commute to work you’ll be fine!

6. Stuck in traffic? No, you’re not!

Waving at the traffic – now we’re not suggesting you make a point out of winding up car drivers during rush hour as you won’t make any friends, but being on a bike means you can cruise past all the tooting horns and the angry expressions as you needn’t sit in a traffic jam for hours. So whilst your colleagues are sat swearing behind the wheel, you can be sat at home with a cup of tea.

5. Padding out the purse

Ever heard of road tax and insurance for a cycle bike? Neither have we, and for us that is one solid reason as to why you should own run. Cars are awfully expensive, especially if you’re a pretty young driver you are likely to be faced with insurance premiums higher than you can count, not to mention the rise in petrol costs. Most people could save well over a thousand pounds every year by cycling instead of driving – and that’s a holiday or two!

4. Membership Shmembership

Ever sat in the gym on a stationary cycle bike? If you have, why? It seems silly to be stuck in a gym with a bunch of other sweaty people pretending to ride a bike when you could actually just go and ride a bike. If you do take up the habit of regularly riding your bike you can burn an average of 400 calories an hour which is of a similar rate to the gym, plus you’ll save yourself a bunch of cash.

3. Fun with the family

If you’ve got kids then cycling regularly is a brilliant way of getting the family together at the weekends for an outing. Instead of spending loads on going to theme parks and the cinema you can hop of your bike with the whole gang and go somewhere pretty for a picnic instead. It’s a great way to get the kids involved in regular exercise as well.

2. Parking ticket? What parking ticket?

When you drive your car around the city centre you usually have two options: park in the carpark and pay a lot of money for the privilege – or don’t pay to use the carpark and pay even more money when you get a ticket. Now we don’t think it’s too difficult to work out that neither of these options is ideal, and as a cyclist you don’t have to both with either of them. Cruise up to the shopping centre and park your bike at the railings provided – as long as you secure it with a lock you’re good to go!

1.  Meet new people

It’s always easier to strike up conversation with a like-minded person, isn’t it? We think so too, and we also think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how many people choose to cycle instead of drive. Sure, the daily commute to work may not be the best time to quiz bike riders to see if their favourite colour is the same as yours, but leisurely weekend rides can be the perfect opportunity to make some new cyclist friends.

If you’re convined and ready to get cycling, check out some used bikes for sale in the Friday-Ad


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