Friday-Ad advertiser and local barber shop in Sussex decided to create spin off John Lewis’s 2018 Christmas advert . We think they may have overshadowed them along with all the other big dogs too! Who needs a fancy budget when you’ve got the creativity and skills to create a touching masterpiece like this video shows below.


John Lewis’ big-budget 2018 Christmas advert ‘The Boy and the Piano’, which stars Sir Elton John receiving a new piano. In ‘Barber & Frank’s’ adorable new video advert, they’ve paid homage to the famous campaign where their take shows a little boy running downstairs to find his Christmas presents, when he opens the gift of a new pair of clippers. He then rushes to a barber shop where is thrilled to cut the customers’ hair. At the end of the story it is fast forwarded to him as an adult enjoying his dream job of owning a barbers.

This campaign proves that you don’t always need a big budget to make an impact, just an effective narrative that gets the message across which they have perfectly achieved. 

These local barbers have done just that! ‘Barber & Frank are friendly and passionate barbers based in Brighton & Hove. Check out their ad on Friday-Ad for more information about their services.

On Friday-Ad we are all about supporting local businesses such as ‘Barber & Frank’ helping services and businesses all across the UK help find customers in their area.


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