Doing multiple projects is something that you’ll have to do when working with a company. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to do so many projects without getting burnt out from doing them. And if you find yourself juggling multiple projects and deadlines at once in your career, then it’s time for a reality check! 

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Yes, it’s time to learn how to stay focused in the work that you do – even when you’re being tasked to do multiple projects at once! This quick guide will help you: 

  • Establish priorities
  • Create focus-based energy
  • Plan ahead for future deadlines
  • Have expectations that are realistic
  • Practice organization, AND
  • Track your progresses


Have Priorities

First and foremost, your priorities need to be set in stone, before you take on any project. Not knowing your priorities firsthand can lead you to spend all day slaving over something to prevent from falling behind on a project. 

Therefore, play it safe by knowing your priorities. This allows you to fully understand the project, the things that are of upmost importance, and what deadlines need to be focused on. And, if you’re working in a team, it’s important for priorities to be communicated throughout the entire workforce in that team.


Create Energy For Staying Focusing

You’ll need a sense of productivity. That means doing away with your device(s), social media, etc. until the project is completed.

“If you must have something like music with you to keep you awake and working, then do so as long it doesn’t become a distraction. Plus, don’t stress in the dark – have the light on when you’re working,” says Bill Jameson, a tech writer at Courseworks and Boomessays.

Making changes here and there such as these can help you create enough energy to help you stay focused on your work.


Look At Milestones, And Plan Ahead

Overlaying your project plans can be done with ease with most project management software. Essentially, you’ll need to focus on deadlines. However, to do so properly, you must plan ahead. That means looking at any project deadlines that are set for several weeks or months ahead. When you know that a deadline is approaching, you’ll feel safer since you’ve known about them ahead of time, thus making you feel less stressed about an approaching deadline. 

One way to do this is to ensure that major deliverable dates are in your calendar (print AND digital). Have the dates saved anywhere and everywhere that you work in. Once everything is said and done, you can schedule some “me time” to destress and detox from the hard work that you’ve done.


Have Realistic Expectations

Although it’s essential to have expectations for projects, be sure that they’re REALISTIC as well. If you know deep down that something can’t be done due to circumstances, then don’t stress yourself out trying to accomplish that difficult task. 

For example, when doing multiple projects at once, you might find yourself getting tired after putting in so much work in one day. Instead, work on a good number of projects – not too many, and not too little. Finding a good balance in how many projects you can manage will not only help you commitment-wise, but also won’t lead to burnout. 


Be Organized

Organization is key to ensuring a successful operation. Even when dealing with more than one project, it’s still imperative that you stay focused AND organized. 

“Without an organized vibe, your efforts will collapse, and you’ll risk putting out inadequate results from a rushed-through project. Plus, chances are you’ll end up with materials for a different project, rather than things that you need for a current project,” explains Daniel Andrews, a productivity blogger at Assignment Writing Service and Essay Services.

As mentioned before, there are project management software that can help you stay organized in your projects – from scheduling, to deadlines, to organizing your materials, and so on. So, make it your job to use such systems and tools to help you stay organized in anything and everything that you do in a project. 


Keep Track Of Your Progress

Tracking your progress is essential. Don’t let valuable time and resources slip away, as you do your project, because it’s THAT easy to fall behind! 

So, be sure to track how much time your spend on various tasks, and organize them by importance – the more important tasks should be high on your list. 



Ultimately, staying focused depends on how consistent you are with your work, when it comes to projects. However, when you keep in mind these tips, not only will you stay focused on your work, but you’ll also accomplish more than what you could’ve ever anticipated in your career. Plus, you’ll be able to tackle almost any project moving forward. 

So, we hope that this article has helped eased your workload, and relieved some stress. If you’re up for multiple projects now that you’ve read this article, then go for it! However, if you’re still not comfortable taking on more than one task, then do what’s best for YOU – Be aware of your capabilities, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

Good luck!

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