Your garden should be a place where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy your surroundings all year round. If you have a lovely, inviting garden, you’ll feel better and want to spend more time in it. Estate agents and property experts have claimed that an attractive garden can dramatically increase the value of your home, so this is something to consider if you’re ever intending to sell up. Here are some things to think about if your garden could do with a new lease of life…

The first rule of keeping your garden up to standard is to make it as easy as possible to maintain. If you have a lawn, keeping grass levels neat is essential. If having to mow grass frequently sounds like a lot of work, gravel or paving slabs can look very tidy and eliminate the need to get the lawnmower out.

Picture credit: Jacinta lluch valero on Flickr.

Picture credit: Jacinta lluch valero on Flickr.

Brightly coloured plants, either in containers, borders or hanging baskets, will really catch your eye. Warm colours like red and yellow make a space feel more intimate, and if you choose a few colours and give your garden some sort of theme, it will look much more organised. Any containers you pick don’t have to be plain and boring either, you can choose some that are decorated with bright colours and patterns to bring out some of your personality.

Tables and chairs for the garden are great for entertaining and socialising. There are seating options available to suit all tastes, spaces and budgets. To make seating areas cosy, you could incorporate a fire pit, cushions and outdoor bean bags. If your cushions are made of coloured and patterned fabrics that compliment your plants, your garden will look very smart. If you’re likely to entertain in the late evening, remember to invest in some garden lights to keep the area well lit.

Picture credit: crookoo on Pixabay.

Picture credit: crookoo on Pixabay.

Many people enjoy growing their own fruit and vegetables instead of buying them from the supermarket. If you opt to grow your own, not only can you spend less, but you know where your food has come from and get a sense of achievement from seeing home-grown produce on your plate. You also don’t need a large space in your garden to be able grow fruit and vegetables, because they can grow well in containers or even hanging baskets. Some of the easiest fruit and vegetables to grow yourself are tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries, onions and beetroot.

A pond or a water feature could be a great focal point in your garden. With water features, you can get some beautiful designs that are sure to get some admiring glances from any visitors. If you opt to add a pond to your garden, this will also require a bit of thought.

Picture credit: noitulos on Pixabay.

Picture credit: noitulos on Pixabay.

You’ll need to think about the location, shape, size and depth of the pond. You’ll need to choose a spot with as much sun as possible, although somewhere which gets shade at some point in the afternoon is ideal. You should avoid building a pond near trees, as it’ll be harder to look after if branches fall into it. Choose a spot that’s highly visible too – you don’t want to put in all this effort to create a beautiful pond if no-one can see it!

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