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Andrew Chu

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Keeping your house clean is a responsibility that homeowners should all have. But not everyone can maintain a clean home due to several reasons.

Some people don’t know how to do it because they’ve never been responsible for their home’s cleanliness. 

But there’s always a chance for people to learn how to clean their homes.

Whether you’re someone who has zero clues on how to keep a clean house or you’re looking to maintain your home better, you can benefit from reading this article.

On that note, here are nine ways to keep your house spick and span:


Create a Cleaning Schedule

For some people, the issue that comes with cleaning a house isn’t the act itself, but to be consistent with their cleaning routine.

If remembering to clean your home is difficult, try creating a cleaning schedule. Having a cleaning schedule will make it easier for you to find out what cleaning jobs you need to do on specific days or weeks.

If you create a cleaning schedule, you can plan cleaning jobs to fit around your lifestyle and other activities you like to pursue. Whether you prefer to do all the cleaning all in one go or on separate days, you can schedule it accordingly.


Make Your Bed Every Morning

It would be best if you started each day by making your bed. Leaving your bed messy when you get up will make your whole bedroom look disheveled and dirty.

Aside from that, starting your day off doing something productive, such as making your bed, can help put you in the right mindset.

When you come back to your bed after a long day of work, you want to sink into your sheets. But if you leave it messy, it’s not going to be a rewarding experience.

Besides, making your bed every morning is a simple task; it only takes a couple of minutes.


Organise Your Wardrobe

Keeping your wardrobe organised will help make your room look clean and tidy. When you leave clothes out in the open, it’s going to clutter up your place fast.

Plus, if you don’t organise your wardrobe, it will be challenging to find the clothes you need right when you need them. The harder it is to find clothes, the messier your wardrobe will get.

Split the space in your wardrobe up into smaller storage solutions. Baskets and the like are a great way of creating more space in your wardrobe, and they make it easier to find what you’re looking for.


Declutter and Simplify

Before you roll up your sleeves and start cleaning your home, you should begin by decluttering everything.

Getting rid of the knick-knacks that are cluttering up your home will give you more room to work with while cleaning (and living in it). At the same time, you can reduce your cleaning tasks by merely putting things where they belong in the first place.

You can use this opportunity to figure out which items you plan on keeping and which ones you’re comfortable letting go. You don’t have to throw them away; donate them, reuse them or sell them.

Either way, as long as you’re getting clutter out of your way, it should make the cleaning process simpler for you, and give you more space to enjoy your home.

Clean the Dishes After Every Meal

Too many people are guilty of leaving their dirty dishes soaking in water overnight instead of cleaning them after use. After all, we get that general bout of laziness, which overcomes our sense of responsibility.

But this shouldn’t be the case. Try to avoid it as much as possible.

When you leave your dirty dishes overnight, it can attract pests into your home. Germs and bacteria can also cling onto your plates, and make your kitchen unhygienic.

So try to clean your dishes after every meal, including the cookware and utensils you used.


Take Out Your Rubbish

Speaking of practices that can attract pests into your home, not taking out the rubbish when your bin is full up, will have the same effect.

Aside from the many creatures an overflowing bin will attract into your home, it can produce unpleasant odours that will permeate throughout your home.

By simply emptying your bin regularly and taking out the rubbish straight away, you can avoid this issue all together.

Also be sure to clean your bin when you empty it. Sanitize it and wash it to get rid of any sticky (read yucky) debris.


Do the Laundry

Some people tend to leave their dirty clothes on the floor or piled high on a chair. This habit will make your bedroom look cluttered and messy.

Have a designated laundry basket where you put your dirty clothes. Don’t leave your clothes laying around on the floor.

It also helps not to let the laundry build up until several loads need doing. Wash your clothes regularly or whenever you have enough to fill a load. That way it doesn’t become a huge job, you’ll have enough space to dry everything, and you’ll never run out of clean clothes to wear.


Clean the Curtains and Ceiling Fans

Dust can cling to any surface, but one of the most overlooked places are curtains and ceiling fans. Ensure that you dust and wash your curtains too.

Before you clean a room, dust any ceiling fans first so that you don’t end up sprinkling dust all over an area you just cleaned.


Create Storage

Cleaning isn’t solely about getting rid of dirt, it’s just as much about organising and tidying things away.

If you don’t have the right organisation items or storage space, it will be a challenge to keep things organised and tucked away. Thus, you should try and create a storage system that works for you.

Buy storage solutions appropriate to the items you’re storing. If you can, consider labeling them as well.

Knowing that everything in your home has a designated space will make decluttering and tidying things away an easier and more natural process. 

Before you know it, applying these nine home cleaning tips will become second nature, and you’ll be rewarded with a cleaner, more organised and spacious home to enjoy 🙂 


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