They say good things come in small packages, so why can’t the same be said for your garden? If your garden is not as big as you’d like, there’s still plenty you can do to transform it into a space to be proud of. It just needs a little bit of thought and planning. Here are some ideas to get you thinking about how you want to maximise your space and make it appear bigger than it actually is.

Your initial garden design
It’s a good idea to divide your garden into sections, because your eyes won’t look at everything in one go and you’ll create a real sense of intrigue. Having sections doesn’t necessarily mean dividing it up with a fence – it could just be cleverly deciding on where you put seating, or certain plants, so that some of your garden is initially harder to look at.
If your garden is very narrow, it’s worth having any patio slabs running from side to side, as this can make the space look wider. Similarly, if you have paving slabs running from top to bottom, this will make your garden look longer. Other ways to make a garden appear larger are to lay each slab in a diamond shape, or to opt for more slabs that are smaller, rather than less larger slabs.
If you’d like your garden to be more welcoming to wildlife, there are a few simple steps you can take. Consider putting up nesting boxes and bird feeders and put out log, twig and/or rock piles to create shelter for wildlife. Avoid putting out chunky foods that might cause young fledglings to choke.

Picture credit: McD22 on Flickr.

Picture credit: McD22 on Flickr.

Picking plants and storage
You should aim to use brightly coloured plants in your garden, as these will attract your attention and appeal to your visitors. As a general rule, warm colours like red and yellow make a space feel more intimate, while cool colours like purple and blue make a small space feel larger. Picking two or three main colours helps to give your garden a bit of a theme, without making it look over the top or too busy.
Containers are ideal for small trees or flowering bedding plants. You can re-arrange things quickly when you fancy a change, and also make your garden easier to maintain.You could also think about using a tiered plant stand, some wall shelving, or hanging baskets to add a bit of height. To help you make the most of every corner, invest in some sectioned plant pots that are designed to fit around awkward corners. Not only are you filling space you may not have originally thought of using, but the sections can be used for three different plants, which can help add some variety.

Other accessories

Picture credit: Ann-Marie Tholander on Pixabay.

Picture credit: Ann-Marie Tholander on Pixabay.

Consider getting garden furniture that can be folded up or stacked and put away to reduce clutter, or wire furniture that allows the eye to see through it, and further into your garden. Either option will make your garden seem bigger and still allow you to have seating for entertaining and socialising.
Water features are a great talking point in any garden and don’t have to be large and imposing, particularly if you opt for a wall-mounted design. They take up virtually no room and ensure your garden doesn’t miss out on the relaxing effect the sound of trickling water can have.
You could also hang a mirror on a wall. This will make your garden feel bigger by reflecting light across the space. It’s also very stylish and is bound to impress visitors.

If you’re unsure about any aspect of designing your garden, don’t be afraid to consult the professionals. If you’re brave enough to get the garden up to scratch yourself, check out Friday-Ad for any tools you may need – you could find some used garden tools and equipment on Friday Ad


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