When you hear the word van, what do you think of? Durable? Reliable? Tough? Yeah, me too. Vans are notorious workhorses that will last you for a long time. This is highly importnat due to the majority of them spending life on building sites or ‘out on tools’ being battered and bruised.

However, what happens if you are buying a van that has already received some of this treatment? Well Friday-Ad Motors is here to help. We have created an essential checklist for when buying a second-hand van, check it out!

Embrace your inner Sherlock


Now, when you own your own van you might give it the tender love and care it needs, however the same cannot always be said of big organisations with a large number of them within their fleet.

As a result, be sure to try before you buy and give them a thorough inspection, as there is a chance that some may not have been carefully. This is not to say that ALL large corporations drivers do this.

Do your homework

First of all, make sure you know what size van you want. To do this you’ll have to establish what the main purpose of the van will be. Will it be used to transport large items, possibly fragile. Or will it be utilised as a way to carry just your tools and some smaller items?

This is highly important, because if you buy a van that is beyond your necessary means, your pocket with feel the pinch. This will largely be down to the extra fuel you’ll be burning and the tax code your vehicle will fall under as a result.

Next item for your consideration will be the size of engine you want. Like the size of van, don’t purchase beyond your means. Vans are not made to be speed demons, so there’s no point in throwing money away by getting one with a big engine. This is especially necessary if you work in a city, as a smaller engine will be under less stress due to driving at lower speeds and ultimately will be more fuel and cost efficient.

Let’s get cracking…

Now that you have decided all the essential aspects of the van you want, it’s time to get hunting. Obviously you know
that the best place to for buying a second hand van is through Friday-Ad Motors…. right? But if you somehow didn’t know then take a look. You will find what you’re looking for in no time at all!

It’s decision time


Before you do anything, ask yourself ‘does this van look/sound reliable?’. Next, be sure to check the bodywork for any damage or scratches, as this is common way that vans receive poor treatment. Granted some general wear and tear should be expected, but be wary of any lasting damage that could affect the vans long term performance.

The next step is to take it for a test drive. This is the only real way you can judge for yourself how the motor runs, how it feels to you is important so don’t discount this. Be sure to test the brakes thoroughly, and possibly consider performing an emergency stop (preferably warn the owner in the passenger seat before you do so though).

Additionally, make sure you have a look under the bonnet at the engine, and if possible request to drive it in the winter to see how it will start in cold conditions. This is a very common way consumers get caught out, so don’t fall into that trap!

Don’t forget, you have the upper hand!

thumb-422147_1280So you’ve checked the exterior for any cosmetic damage, you’ve given the engine a once over and the test drive has been successfully completed. It’s time to make the purchase. Too many people stumble at this point and don’t attempt to get a lower price for their van. But you have the upper hand. If you are buying a second-hand van, the owner will be obviously looking to get rid of it, so you can use that to your advantage. Even if you only get £5 off the price, that’s £5 you can put towards your fuels costs. Don’t be afraid, the seller will be expecting you to make a lower offer!

Final thoughts…

Most of all, once you’ve made your decision, stick with it. If you follow this guide you will be very happy with your purchase and hopefully your van will stay with you for years to come. Happy vanning!

Have you used this guide? Was it successful? Let us know and connect with us via our Facebook and Twitter pages.



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