The Science department have been lucky to receive a very generous donation from Crowborough and District Lions, who have confirmed that they will be disbanding next month.

Following 47 years of serving our community, Crowborough Lions announced that before their closure, they wished to disperse the remaining funds accumulated from their fundraising to the local community.

Our Science department was invited to submit a request for vital specialised equipment that would impact the education and provision for the school as a whole. The department came together to discuss and produced a list of items which would most benefit the students and support their learning. Items were carefully researched and sourced by Head of Science, Dr Cumpstey, and Science Technician Team Leader, Mrs Hoad.

The Lions met and considered the requests as well as touring the department that they were looking to support.

The department was hopeful that part of the list submitted would be fulfilled, consequently, it came as a wonderful surprise when the Lions announced that they would be funding the department’s entire wish list.

A range of equipment is now in use in the school, such as; power packs for each laboratory, a Geiger-Muller counter, precision balances, two ripple tanks, data loggers, a bicycle dynamo model, flammables cabinet, digital volt and ammeters, oscilloscopes, slides of animal and plant cells.

Each invaluable item will be labelled with a notice of donation from the Crowborough Lions, with thanks for their generous contribution to the school.

Dr Cumpstey added: “I cannot thank the Crowborough and District Lions enough for their extremely generous donation. The funds have enabled us to purchase not only replacements for tired resources but also contemporary equipment from our ‘wish list’. The science education of every student in Years 7 to 11 will be enhanced, thanks to the Lions, for years to come. A very fitting tribute.”

Beacon Academy is incredibly grateful to Crowborough and District Lions for their years of support.

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