It’s that time of the year again, the kids have gone back to school and the house is empty again. With your new-found freedom, there’s no better time to focus on yourself and tick off those things you’ve been wanting to do for ages or just make some time for self-care and development. Here are a few ideas…


1. Look and feel amazing 

Let’s face it, lockdown hasn’t been kind on most of us. Maybe you’ve piled on the pounds, home schooling has left you with bags under your eyes or you’ve got stiff shoulders from hunching over a laptop at the end of your bed. Whatever has left you feeling frazzled, Friday-Ad is here to help! 

We’ll have you whipped into shape, any creases ironed out and those sore muscles eased in no time. Leaving you feeling nothing but fabulous and invigorated in time for the (hopefully) more festive season ahead.

Get fit!

Exercise is vital for staying energized,  it’s proven to lift your mood and is the a great way to stay in shape. There are plenty of ways you can stay active from doing virtual classes from home, to joining a local club or class. 

Join a sports or fitness class


Join a local club


Find a fitness service on Friday-Ad

2. Devote some time to self-care

We’re all in need of some relaxation and pampering! And there’s no better way than to entrust yourself into the hands of a professional to ease away your stresses and strains, and leave you feeling renewed, invigorated and looking your best…  

Enjoy some Beauty treatments…

Unwind with a Massage

Get your Hair done

Get your beauty fix on Friday-Ad

3. DIY & Home improvements

Now the kids are out the door during the day, it’s the perfect time to get those home and DIY projects done. As the season’s changing, the days are drawing in and the weather’s getting colder, we’ll all be spending more time at home again. Having spent a fair deal of the year at home already and perhaps missed out on the long anticipated annual getaway, now’s the time to make home feel more inviting.

Simple tips for freshening up your home!

1. Lick of fresh paint for a fresh look

Whether you choose neutral tones or statement colours or wallpaper, a lick of fresh paint will give your home a crisp new look and feel. But the quality of the finish is important, so if you don’t trust yourself with paint pots and rollers, it’s best to find a local painter or handyman.  

2. Update your soft furnishings

Adding some new cushions, curtains, throws or a rug to a room is a really easy and budget-friendly way to give it a whole new look. You find some real home decor gems locally both used and new, and don’t forget to check out antiques and collectables. If you want a more dramatic change, you could consider new pieces of furniturecarpets or consult an interior designer.

3. Declutter and Clear-out 

Probably the number one thing we could all do with more of in our homes is space. But no matter how much space or storage room you have, if your home is full of clutter, it will feel cramped and smaller. So why not start with a good clear out? Get rid of all the thing you no longer use or love. It’ll free up space in your home, and give you more room to enjoy it.

Your unused items don’t have to go to waste! Take them to a charity shop, ask a local charity to collect them (in the case of furniture and white goods) or earn some extra cash and list your stuff for sale; on Friday-Ad you won’t need to pay any commission either. If you’re likely to sell things on a more regular basis then set up a FREE online shop.


4. Clean up the garden!

Summer might be over and we’re counting down the last warm and sunny days, but there is still plenty to do in the garden during Autumn. Now’s the time to protect more delicate plants form the cold and move them into a greenhouse or indoors. It’s also not too late to plant your spring flowering bulbs like daffodils, bluebells, crocus and tulips. Finish your harvesting, if you’re growing fruits and vegetables, and take care of your lawn and hedges. Avoid waterlogging and compacting by aerating your lawn, lay fresh turf to repair dead patches and give your hedges a final trim. If you’re fingers aren’t that green or you’re struggling for time, why not call on a local gardener to help? There are normally also good deals on garden furniture and equipment to be had this time of year.

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