Just like at Christmas time, decorating your house can really get you in the Halloween spirit. Here are some super fun projects anyone can have a go at to transform your place into a haunted house. What’s more, you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money on Halloween decorations to make your home look good.

Firstly, pumpkins are a classic choice for getting in the spooky mood. You can carve them, draw on them, paint them, decorate them – the possibilities are endless and there is plenty of inspiration online to help you decide what you’d like to do. You can also find templates online to help you get the perfect design to carve. Some fun ideas include painting multiple pumpkins to spell out ‘Halloween’ or your name. You could also cover your pumpkin in lace and paint over it to create an interesting effect all the way around.

Fairy lights make great Halloween decorations and are available in pumpkins, ghosts and monster designs to provide light in a haunted house. You could also make your own bunting by cutting your favourite spooky fabric into triangles and sewing them to a strip as long as you like.

At a dinner party, light as many candles as you can find to give the room a transylvanian twist. Start collecting empty glass bottles and wash the labels off to use as candle holders. If you start lighting them a few days before, they will start to melt down the sides.

If you’re having a party you could add black food colouring to your snacks or even in ice cubes to make the drinks look like potions. Ice cube moulds can be bought in different designs such as ghosts, pumpkins and frankenstein monsters. You can buy metres of fake spider webs to drape over the walls and tables and put crisps and sweets into cauldrons on the table.

Spook your trick-or-treaters all the way up to the door by sprinkling spiders up the path and transferring silhouette stickers of shadowy figures in the windows. You can also buy solar paneled lights fairly cheap to create an outdoor atmosphere that will give chills to anyone who walks by. Be careful if you put any candles outside as they could get knocked over by passing animals or small children.


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