As a nation of pet lovers, and myself a fur baby mum of 4. My first thoughts on this virus was how and if it affects my pooches

The great news from the WHO (World Health organisation) and British Veterinary Association, is that there is no evidence that our pets can be a source of infection or can become sick from it.

Obviously there are some sensible precautions that vets recommend at times like this, such as wash your hands after touching and feeding your pets. 

It’s always a good idea to avoid them licking your face and sharing your food. Although fur, just like our hands, may be able to carry the virus from one person to another, so try to avoid anyone stroking your dog.

If your dog does get sick or injured call the vet first before travelling there so you know what precautions they are taking. At the end of the day if the vets get ill, they can’t help our animals.

A few more questions that have come up over the last few weeks…


Can I walk my dog? What about social distancing?

You can walk the dog/s once a day.

Try to keep you and your dogs at least 2 meters away from others.


I am in self Isolation, what about my dog food/treats?

If possible do an online order to be delivered to your door. Ideally enough for 2 to 3 weeks. Pet supplies are still working and processing deliveries.

I’m sure your pets are loving having you around more at the moment, they provide invaluable companionship. Let’s take care of them too.

You could try some simple things to keep your dog entertained and menatlly stimulated, especially if you don’t have a garden. Try some hide and seek games. Or try some simple training like sit, wait, stay. Interaction keeps them menatlly stimulated too.

Unfortunately this pandemic is now having a direct impact on us all. We suggest staying updated with information directly from the Government. 


We understand times can be hard, and financially there is a lot of uncertainty. Please don’t abandon your dog amid this pandemic. They cannot make you sick, or get sick from the virus. If you do feel you can’t cope during this time, then contact a reputable rehome centre such as:




Dogs Trust:

Silver Fox Rescue:

Or somewhere more local to you.


Pets are our family, look out for each other. They don’t understand what is going on right now and just want your love.


Stay safe and be well.


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