Friday-Ad launches Coronavirus Community Support Scheme

Local communities and businesses will face many challenges during the COVID-19 crisis, as self-isolation and social distancing measures start to bite, severely limiting normal life and trade. Let’s come together to weather this storm…

Community has always been at the heart of Friday-Ad. We started as a small family business over 40 years ago. Our strength has always been our ability to bring people together, and we’ve weathered a fair few storms in our time. So naturally we wanted to help local communities and businesses overcome some of the challenges posed by the coronavirus outbreak.

We’ve created a new Coronavirus Support* category on where local people can request and offer help within their community, e.g. help with shopping for people in self-isolation. 

To create your ad in a few simple steps, simply select the Community category and then Coronavirus Support from the drop-down menu. 

Local businesses which offer services that can support their community during the COVID-19 crisis, or which have amended their opening hours or service offering in response to the crisis, can advertise in this category also.

It is free to advertise in our Coronavirus Support category, for individuals and businesses. 

We understand that local businesses need to stand out more than ever now, while also having to cut back to weather the storm. We have therefore created two optional specially discounted premium packages to support businesses looking for more exposure for their services.

With lots of people currently in self-isolation, certain services are in high demand. If you work in any of the following areas, shout about it!


  • Mobile or home delivery services 
  • Online tutoring / personal training
  • Local produce + delivery
  • Help for the over-70s and other vulnerable groups
  • Family and Care Services


To help other Service businesses, which do not fit in the Coronavirus Support category, we’re offering 50%** OFF all paid ads in our online Services section with code: COMMUNITYSPIRIT 


Our popular weekly Friday-Ad magazines are now also available to read online. People in self-isolation don’t have to miss out on local offers, community news and more.

Advertisers can reach even more potential customers, with discounts and offers available to support local businesses. Call us for details: 01273 837922

Difficult times like these highlight the amazing community spirit and resilience we have seen all over the UK and in other European countries in recent weeks. We’re proud to do our part to support local communities and businesses in these testing times.

Look out for more information and help on our online blog.

Stay safe and healthy 🙂

*The Coronavirus Support category is strictly for requesting or offering help or services which support your community during the coronavirus outbreak. Ads which do not fit this category will be removed, as will ads for substantially over-priced products, such as antibacterial hand gels or toilet paper. 

**Valid for paid ads in the online Friday-Ad Services category only. To claim this discount, you need to place your ad  before the end of April 2020 and enter this discount code at the checkout: COMMUNITYSPIRIT Excludes ‘Adult’ ads. Ads which do not fit the Services category will be removed. 


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