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Article by Beth Kidger

Marketing Executive

A lot of people are feeling pretty lonely right now, and with all the negativity going on, we want to bring some light to anyone who is feeling a little down in the dumps due the impacts isolation has brought you. We have some fantastic simple tips for keeping you upbeat and positive during this uncertain time.

1. Help out the people around you

Through helping others you help yourself. During times like this, our natural instinct is to protect ourselves and our family. But for our own well-being and sanity, it might be a good idea to reach outwards. Research has shown that when we help others, our own mental and physical health improves. Volunteer to help a vulnerable neighbour in isolation. It might be something simple like help with shopping, picking up medications or walking their dog.

2. Keep busy

A busy mind is a happy mind. Quarantine is an ideal time to learn a new skill, start a new project or finish an old one. How about doing an upcycling project? Or get the kids involved and give their room a fun makeover – a great way to let off some steam!!

3. Stay active

Not being able to go out and about means you’ll automatically be exercising less. But! Don’t let this be an excuse…Exercise is vital for staying energized and is proven to lift your mood too. There are plenty of ways you can stay active from home including doing home workouts using free weights or if you don’t have these there are household items which are great substitutes (things like bags of sugar and tins). Or, why not try something new like yoga or pilates?  If you look online there are lots of great free video classes available as well as online instructors too. But, don’t be daunted, most of the tutorials range from beginner to advanced as well as for those with mobility issues.

4. Stay connected

While we’re all trying our hardest to stop the spread of Coronavirus by staying indoors, this means a long period of time feeling isolated from our friends and family (particularly if you live alone) leaving a feeling of ‘cabin fever’. For our own sanity it’s crucial to try and stay connected to everyone and there’s plenty of ways we can do this online. For example, set up a regular video callcreate a whatsapp group or host a virtual pub quiz night! In some neighbourhoods, people have been meeting for ‘backyard catch ups’ over the garden fence or tea at the end of their drives – just make sure you stay a safe distance away (at least 2 meters) to adhere to social distancing rules. Exchange some tips for good movies, books or games. We’re all in this together ❤️

5. Take time to relax

Being stuck indoors all day makes it easy to get sucked into the negativity of all the bad things you see on the news and social media. Take time to unwind and practice self-care. Something like reading a book is a great way to distract yourself. Baking a cake is therapeutic too! 

Something constructive – If you’re looking for more therapeutic activities that are productive at the same time then consider having a clear out! By getting rid of little niggling things that are annoying you in your household, you’ll find the day will run much more smoothly! There has been a lot of studies to show that clutter in the house can contribute to stress and anxiety too. So clearing up will boost your mood. You could even think about organising all your unused items, and putting them up online to sell them after lockdown. I’m sure that extra bit of cash won’t go a miss!

Looking to declutter? 

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