Next week ‘love will be in the air’ as we approach Valentine’s Day! Although it’s one of the most romantic holidays of the year it can also be a pain coming up with original ideas for a valentines gifts.

You could go down the easy route and buy your usual chocolates and flowers but we think that’s far too cliche! Or there’s always jewellery? But that can be expensive!

If you haven’t already got something lined up for your significant other why not try something more thoughtful and less materialistic? They will equally appreciate it and probably remember forever. Here are a few ideas..

1. A day trip


A trip out is always gonna be a hit for any non materialist. You can’t beat a special date day and I’m pretty sure your other half will appreciate the one on one time over any other material item.

2. A Handmade item

How about creating a unique DIY gift? Something low in cost but high in thoughtfulness? Impress your partner by making them something by hand. It could be a homemade jewellery holder, or something simple like a hand carved wood fall sign. Or perhaps you want to try something more ambitious like a backyard pallet bar or upcycle a dressing table! Find inspiration here.

3. First edition of their favourite book

It’s difficult to find a good old-fashioned book these days. Everyone just reads on their e-books and ipads. And these days, even when you get a physical copy it’s usually a thin cover with a colourful print. It’s rare that you can find a beautifully ornate hardback copy. So if your partner has a favourite book they like to read over and over again why not scout for the original edition? You can hunt online for collectors items and antique books on marketplaces sites like Friday-Ad.

4. An item related to their favourite hobby

Show that you care about the things they enjoy doing by picking out a nice little gift related to their hobby. Depending on what they do, this is your opportunity to show you take interest. If they’re into fitness, you could buy them some gym equipment for home. They might like photography – get them a new lense or a different type of camera. If they like to cook, you could get them a recipe book or a professional knife set. If they’re into upcycling, you could buy them an item to upcycle as a challenge, or if they’re a collector you could add to their collection! And so on…

5. Vouchers for their favourite restaurant

If you both love food and spending time together. Then restaurant vouchers are the perfect combination.

6. Printed photos

Why not capture some of your fondest memories together for them to display around the house. This sort of gift is nice and meaningful and will be greatly appreciated!

7. A yoga class

Why not treat your other half to something new that might also be a benefit to their overall wellbeing and relaxation? Perhaps pay them a membership to a class in their area that might become an aspect of their life they regularly enjoy!


8. A cooking class

Anything that involves food is a winner! Not only is it a fun experience for them, but their improved cooking skills means the two of you can enjoy some delicious meals in the future too…

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