Create a beautiful natural space on your doorstep with these 5 tips to turn your flower bed into a floral delight. This list of ideas encourages you to get inventive with your gardening and suggests new ways for you to explore outdoor designs and unleash your creative side. So, get inspired and get outside!

Flowers are a beautiful addition to any garden. Providing a pop of colour, divine summer scents, and a friendly environment for bees and butterflies, a well-kept flower bed will cheer up any outdoor space. So, whether you want to spend more time outdoors, or simply create an eye-catching design, these 5 flower bed ideas will help give your garden a dash of natural style.

1. Experiment With Colour and Variety

One of the main reasons why people love flowers is the variety of types and colours. If you’re wondering how to make a flower bed really stand out, try mixing up your choice of blooms. Most common garden flowers are categorized into two types: annual (they bloom for just one season) and perennial (they survive for several years and hibernate in winter.) Before you rush down to the garden centre, check out a list of which flowers bloom when and plan your flower bed design around this so that you have different colours all year round. Try mixing perennials like lavender with annuals like periwinkle and zinnia for a gorgeous purple palette.

 2. Create a Potted Flower Bed

If you only have a small yard, you don’t have to dig up your lawn to create a flower bed design. Instead, you can buy flowers in clay pots and arrange them against the wall of your house. Try building a flower bed border stone of river rocks and fill the spaces around the pots with gravel to really help your flowers stand out.

 3. Spruce up Your Lawn

Tired of neat lines? Get out your sketchpad and get creative with shapes. Try creating beds in the design of a flower or create a diamond-shaped bed. Be wary of common weeds like dandelions – you wouldn’t want to work hard on your flower bed design just to have it overrun by weeds. Check out the best dandelion killer on for tips on how to get rid of pesky intruders.

Looking for a lawnmower?

4. Upcycle Old Belongings

Want to know how to plant a flower bed that looks truly stylish and unique? Try putting your flowers in an old suitcase for a vintage look. If you’re worried about mess – don’t be! Stick to potted plants to avoid soil getting everywhere and keep the suitcase under a porch or veranda if you’re worried about rain. You can even take this design inside to brighten up your living space. For a more outdoorsy version, fill a wheelbarrow with soil and plant your flowers in this to give your garden a statement piece.

5. Modernize Your Flower Bed Design

If you want to keep your flower bed looking sleek and modern, try planting your flowers in cinder blocks. Simply fill blocks with soil and plant your seeds. Cinder blocks stack neatly so you’ll find it’s easy to build a tiered design and their geometric shapes can add a chic, industrial feel to your urban garden.

Final Call:

Were you inspired by these ideas about how to make a flower bed that really stands out? Share your own ideas in the comments or tell us how you got on trying these!

About The Author

Betty Olsen is a professional designer. She graduated from the Metropolitan State University of Denver, but her real vocation was to create comfortable, eco-friendly and cozy spaces. She is able to turn any home and garden, regardless of size, into a work of art accessible to everyone. 

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