With Halloween fast approaching, most of you will be looking to carve yourselves out a pumpkin. Especially if you’re going to enter Friday-Ad‘s Halloween Pumpkin Carve-Off competition, where you can win 4 tickets to Drusillas’ Shriek Week this Halloween. However, if you’re struggling for inspiration and aren’t sure as to what you should be carving, we have come up with some of our favourite Halloween pumpkins from all over the web, to help you get inspired. Take a look and make sure you enter our competition!

1. The Gruesome Twosome


Picture courtesy of Judithsviews via flickr

2. Ugly Mona


Picture courtesy of Scott Henderson via flickr

3. Tinkerbell


Picture courtesy of Woody Mckay via flickr

4. The Skeleton Prisoner

Skelton pumpkin


5. The ‘Grin’ Reaper



6. Captain America


Picture courtesy of Whitebrowgigs via flickr

7. Mike Wazowski


Picture courtesy of half pint via flickr

8. Buzz Lightyear


Picture courtesy of Jennifer Tse via flickr

These are just some of our favourites from the world wide web, so if you’ve found any more that you think deserve to be in our top 8, then connect with us via Facebook & Twitter, and let us know.