Greatest game shows ever part 2Yesterday you saw part, one of this important list, so here is part two. The final few on the list of the greatest TV game shows from history.

Dale’s Supermarket Sweep
Based on the American version, Dale’s Supermarket Sweep was a fun game show which for a while turned everyone into wannabe shop lifters. Basically, if you haven’t heard of this groundbreaking show, there are three teams of two contestants who answer questions and riddles in a set that looks like a supermarket. Each correct question got the team more time in the ‘Big Sweep’ round, where they pretty much just run around the shop throwing as much stuff in their trolley as possible. The team with the shopping trolley filled with the items of the most value wins the chance to enter the final. Oh, and it quite possible has the worst theme music and opening titles of any show ever! Just watch the clip below.

Blind Date
At the height of its popularity in the 1980s, 18.2 million tuned in to watch Blind Date on a Saturday night. This is 18.2 million more viewers than Take Me Out, hosted by Paddy McGuinness, gets.
Blind Date was glamorous and was hosted by Britain’s favourite scouser Cilla Black. The show saw three lonely people competing to get win a date with another lonely person on the other side of a wall. The questions were cheesy and the answers were sometimes unbearable but that just added to the entertainment factor on what was a great show. Oh and don’t forget about ‘our Graham’, or that episode where Mr Bean ended up on the show.

Everyone loved a bit of bully. Hosted by the gritty yet lovable Jim Bowen contestants had to throw darts and answer questions to win great prizes… Like a speedboat. The cartoon bull, called ‘Bully’ was the mascot for the show and a little known fact about him is that he was ambidextrous. In the opening credits of the show he was shown to throw his darts with his right hand, however prior to the advert break midway through the show he can be seen to write “End of part one” using his left hand. It is hard to describe just how good Bullseye was, so here is a clip of some outtakes.

Family Fortunes
The third presenter of Family Fortunes was Les Dennis, who played a large part in making this show as iconic as it is today. Looking back at the old shows, they are dated and beyond retro, but they still have a certain charm that is hard to explain. Also, this show was amazing because quite often the contestants were plain stupid. I mean there really were some abysmal answers, however this clip has one of my favourites.

And, just to see you out, here is a compilation of funny answers on game shows.