DIG-16098-FAD-2015-review-Banners_weird18Every year Friday-Ad receives all types of weird and wonderful ads and 2015 was no different. People do have some very intriguing items that they want to sell. So, we have trawled the listings, found the weirdest items on Friday-Ad, and here are our top 18. Some of these you might not be able to believe, what do you think? Have we got it right?

18. Portable typewriter

portable type writer

To kick us off, here we have a portable typewriter – for when a laptop is just too mainstream. Get this out in public and see the hipsters come running.

17. Doctor Who masks

Doctor Who Masks

Exterminating their way to number 17 on our list is some genuine Doctor Who masks, perfect for any dressing up box.

16. Funky corset handbags

Corset Handbags

Now I know what you’re thinking, why didn’t I think of that first? These would be a smash hit on Dragon’s Den.

15. Granny Racing board game

Granny Racing

On your marks, get set…..GO! This Granny Racing game is the only game in our list and sneaks in at 15.

14. Mohican sculpture

Mohican Sculpture

In at 14, we have a handmade Mohican sculpture. Punk rock.

13. Alien from X-Files


A surprise at 13. This out of this world alien is a genuine prop used in the X-Files films.

12. Ouija Board

Ouija Board

Not one for the easily spooked at 12. This ouija board for sale would be perfect for any Halloween party, right?

11. 60 vintage projector slides from Venice

60 vintage projector slides from venice

I mean, if these don’t take your fancy, I’m not sure what will? C’mon!!

10. Stab proof vest

Stab Proof Vest

Scraping into the top 10 on our list is this lovely stab proof vest. An essential in any household I think, if you’ve seen The Walking Dead you’ll agree with me.

09. Life Size Darth Maul Cutout

Darth Maul

Now you may be thinking, who would buy that? and you’d be right. But, I’m personally just wondering, how big are those cans of Coke?!

08. Large whiteboard with half drawn Marvel image

Large Whiteboard with half Marvel drawing

This is one of my personal favourites purely for the description in the advert – “my son saw this and bought it just because it had I picture of marvel adventure heroes on it before I had time to stop him!”. Marvel-lous.

07. ChinUp Mask

ChinUp Mask

Coming in at 7, we have one of the most underrated, underused and unbelievable creations ever. A ChinUp Mask. Surprisingly this hasn’t sold yet so if you’re interested click here.

06. 37 Brand new unbranded pizza boxes

Pizza Boxes

Fancy opening your own pizza place? Well, with these 37 unbranded pizza boxes you can make a start.

05. Ceremonial Sacred Herbs

Ceremonial seeds

Unfortunately, these were recently purchased by Jack’s cousin with a cow.

04. Red ‘Magic’ Dust

Witch-Craft Red Brick Dust (1)

To the untrained eye, this might look like a pile of broken bricks. However, this is actually some red ‘magic’ dust. Mind blown.

03. Unused Coffin


Making the top 3 is this unused coffin. Perfect for the lactose intolerant, you can avoid cream-mation.

02. Machine Gun Sex Machine for Hire

Sex Machine

WARNING – Do not click on this link if you are easily offended. Click here at your peril…

01. Jar of Worthing Air

Jar of Worthing Fresh Air (1)

And the winner is… this lovely jar of Worthing air. Intrigued as to who purchased this. If it was you please let us know!

That concludes our weirdest items found on Friday-Ad for 2015! Did your item not make the cut? Think you have something that deserved to be in the top 18? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter today!