Brighton born and bred Charis Williams (aka The Salvage Sister) is a designer and TV presenter who has featured on Channel 4’s Fill Your House for Free and UKTV Home’s The New Reclaimers. Here, she tells us about a great use for old forks, which might be a good project for someone who is just starting out with upcycling.

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All you need are some old forks – I used silver ones as they look nice, although they can be pretty tough to bend without getting a kink. They have a handle that tapers in and where it tapers in it will want to bend, not necessarily where you want it! I clamped the forks to my workbench and then bent them over a thick heavy metal bar so the fork had a template curve to follow.

If you want to make life easy for yourself you could use cheap cutlery which is thin and bends much more easily.

You want a good sharp metal drill bit to make a hole in the fork to attach it to the wooden base. I used a small drill bit to start with, once I had gone through I used a bigger one to make the hole big enough for my screw.

I used pallet wood for the base and painted it black with some leftover spray paint. You can curl the prongs any way you like – I decided to make them look like hands.

Watch the stop motion film…