Have you ever thought about fixing your car yourself but don’t think you’re qualified to give it a go? Well you needn’t worry, as these car repair fails should put your mind somewhat at ease. Here at Friday-Ad we have created our favourite selection of people’s failed attempts to fix their motors. Are these ingenuous or just plain inexcusable? Judge for yourself…

1. The ‘Objects in Mirror May be More Glamourous Than They Appear’

Mirror Mirror on the Wing Mirror


2. The ‘Pimp my Ride on a Budget’



3. The ‘Keeps me Hanging on’

Hanging on


4. The ‘Ford Banksy’

Ford Banksy


5. The ‘I Like Big Butts’

I like big butts


6. The ‘Im Not Too Big For a Sports Car’


7. The ‘Not So Sliding Door’

Not So Sliding Door


8. The ‘Mixtape Mirror’

Mirror Mixtape


9. The ‘Sat Nav for Beginners’

Sat Nav for Beginners


10. The ‘No-one Will Ever Know’

Noone will ever know


All photos source from: FailBlog

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