New Year has come and gone, and we are now travelling into the unknown that is 2016, but there is still time to make yourself a New Year’s resolution. However, it isn’t always that easy to think of something worthwhile to try and accomplish this year. That’s where we come in. Here, at Friday-Ad, we have compiled our top 10 achievable New Year’s resolutions for you to take a look at. All too often we set ourselves near on impossible or unrealistic goal to accomplish, well if you often fall foul of doing this, then our list is perfect for you.


1. Drink 8 glasses of water a day

This may sound simple enough, and we all know that we have the intention of drinking as much water as possible, but reaching the magical number of eight glasses is very rare. A tip to help you achieve this, instead of drinking from a glass, buy yourself a bottle and take it with you everywhere you go. This will increase your chances of reaching your goal.

2. At least once a week, sit down for a family meal

In today’s modern world, people cannot be blamed for wanting to watch television whilst they eat – a takeaway curry and a film go hand in hand – but if you can manage to sit down, as a family, around the dinner table, it can do wonders for your family bonding and bring you closer together.


3. Lose weight

Now, if you managed to make it through the Christmas period and come out the other side NOT feeling like you have eaten a house, you’re very lucky. Most of us now feel like we’ve added a couple of stone – predominantly┬áchocolate, turkey, cheese and chocolate. Therefore, it’s no surprise that people use their New Year’s resolution to kick that extra holiday weight and get ready for summer. However, you don’t have to join the gym and shell out each month on a gym membership, you can lose weight by eating well and exercising from home. If you aren’t into running and want to pump some iron, you’ll be able to find some second-hand weights on Friday-Ad, helping you keep the cost down on your weight loss goal.

4. Give up smoking

This is considered to be one of the hardest New Year’s resolutions to achieve, and there are a large number of products, books and patches you can use to help you quit. However, the best method to really make sure you stop would be to go cold turkey.


5. Start a new job

A new year can bring up a lot of change and often convinces people that is finally time to quit their current job that the aren’t happy in and pushes them to go for something that they really want to do. Being happy in what you do is key, and it was Confucious who said “choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”. If you’re considering in changing your career path or just want to get a new job and make some money, take a look on Friday-Ad, there are 1000s of jobs available and who knows, your new job could be there too!

6. Learn something new

This might sound like quite a vague resolution, but that just means you can find a hobby or activity that suits you. Whether it’s learning a new language, rekindling your love of the beautiful game and joining your local football team or even learning to play an instrument. There is such a great number of things you can do, all of which could bring you a joy that you’ve never experienced before. Also, if you learn to play a new sport you can keep healthy and have fun at the same time. Win win!


7. See the World

The World is a big and beautiful place, from the ice cold peaks of the Alps to the humid greenery of the Amazon rainforest, there are many places that most of us have never seen. So, why not make your New Year’s resolution one that gives you the chance to see them all? This year try and go somewhere on holiday that you’ve never been before, take in some culture, who knows what fun you could have?

8. Spend less of your time in the digital world and more in the real world

With everyone spending more and more time online, we are all losing touch of the art conversation and becoming less connected as a result. 2016 could be different. Start logging how much time you are spending online each week, and then establish how much time you need to cut back. You might be surprised how long you spend looking at a screen.


9. Raise money for charity

Everybody likes to help out as much as they can when it comes to charity, it feels good to help those less fortunate than yourself. After all, we are all on this planet together, why not help those that need an extra helping hand? So, in 2016, whether it’s donating more yourself, or if you want to complete a marathon in aid of charity then go do it! What’s stopping you? There are so many people that could do with your help. If you don’t want to raise money, you can always donate some of your time and volunteer. You’ll feel better about yourself in the process.

10. Get off your butt and do something!

That’s right, there is no point in making a New Year’s resolution if you have absolutely no intention of achieving it. Get out there and do it, there is a reason why you made it in the first place so put some effort in and you’ll be surprised at what you could achieve, and how your life might change as a result! Have a great 2016.