Buyer’s Guide to Second Hand Cars

Everybody knows that buying a second hand car can be a stressful situation to find yourself in. There are so many aspects that you must consider before making a purchase. Do I want a 4×4? What litre engine do I need? What’s a good price for what I want? These are just some of the Read more

What to Buy? – Family Convertibles Under £10K

It may seem strange to talk about convertible cars as the summer draws to a close but if you are seriously considering a drop top family drive then now is a brilliant time to source your dream car. Many dealers and private owners will be keener to do a deal this time of year making Read more

5 Things To Think About Before Becoming A Driving Instructor

Picture courtesy of Morton Lin, via Flickr Creative Commons. Fed up with the 9-5 grind and want to run your own business? Well, becoming a driving instructor can provide you with the perfect opportunity to do this. Not only does it offer flexible working hours, a potential £30k yearly salary and a chance to be Read more

Buying a Second-Hand Van

When you hear the word van, what do you think of? Durable? Reliable? Tough? Yeah, me too. Vans are notorious workhorses that will last you for a long time. This is highly importnat due to the majority of them spending life on building sites or ‘out on tools’ being battered and bruised. However, what happens Read more

Car Repair Fails

Have you ever thought about fixing your car yourself but don’t think you’re qualified to give it a go? Well you needn’t worry, as these car repair fails should put your mind somewhat at ease. Here at Friday-Ad we have created our favourite selection of people’s failed attempts to fix their motors. Are these ingenuous Read more

Road Trip Tips – How to Make the Most of Your Journey

It’s that time of year again. Time to pack up your friends, your family and your things and hit the open road. A road trip enables you and your family some much needed bonding time on your final destination. However, they can be extremely stressful and the perfect road trip needs suitable planning and research. This Read more

Top Tips For Travelling With Dogs

Are you preparing for a long road trip and looking to bring your dog along for the journey? This is not as simple as jumping in your car with your furry friend and setting off. There are several things that you must consider before your departure. Stay calm! Friday-Ad is here to help, we’ve come Read more

Do’s and Don’ts Of Owning A Convertible

Summer is well and truly here and with temperatures soaring it’s the perfect time to take your convertible out for drive, but do you know the do’s and don’ts of owning a convertible? Here at Friday-Ad Motors we have compiled our essential tips for any owners of a soft top car, and if you follow Read more

Top 10 Essential Items To Keep In Your Car

Has your car ever broken down? More than likely the answer to this question will be yes (if it’s no, you’re very lucky), and therefore you will have succumed to having to wait for your recovery driver to come and save you. However, here at Friday-Ad Motors we have come up with our top 10 essential items Read more

Motorbiker’s guide to the web

It’s estimated that there are around 1.2 million active motorbike riders in the UK, and the web is a great place to become a part of this huge community. It is also a useful place for getting information, inspiration & trading motorbike goods. With this in mind, we have sought out the best online resources Read more